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    Mobile App Promotion and Increasing Sales: Things you Need to Know

    • December 25, 2015
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    What makes an app become less popular and less selling one

    If you are walking on the road of mobile app development, then reaching your destination requires huge selling for the app. But if you are not achieving success in that direction, then there is definitely some major mistake that you are making. If you think that your application will go viral without doing anything, then this is your one of the biggest mistake.

    You will need to perform various things for making your app get famous all over the world. The problem doesn’t lie in the apps made using the iOS or Android platform, but the actual problem lies in the way people treat their mobile application after its release date.

    Thinking to make your app a huge hit in the market is not so easy. This will require a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve success in the huge selling of your application. Why such things happen that your app didn’t get popularization and selling? What mistakes you do? What is the main reason for this happening? If you are the one who is looking for getting solutions to all these questions, then look at the below points that are defining the huge mistakes that you do after the launch of the application.

    Zero Marketing for the mobile application:

    The very often misconception people have in their minds is about the overconfidence that their app will be a solid hit just after launching it in the market. This is a full misunderstanding that people have regarding mobile applications because there are millions and billions of apps introducing in the market on a daily basis.

    In such a competitive world, it is very difficult to make your unique position. It will definitely require huge hard work and effort to get the position in the competitive world. Unless you do mobile application promotion you will never get a good graph for the app selling. Without marketing your app is nothing in this huge world of competition. Look for better presentation in the market for arriving in a unique manner when you launch the app. Hence, increase the selling of the application with the best marketing strategy.

    Doing less app promotion on the social media network:

    Now a day's social media have become the most precious part of our lives. Everything has come with the help of social media that it makes huge benefits in the everyday life. Doing a promotion on social media sites will lead to great success for your application because social media has huge power to make things go viral on the market. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube Channel, and many more are the most popular one social media network in the market. You can make many connections using these sites and get millions of clients to your app store for app downloading purposes. In this manner, you will able to increase the selling of your mobile application.

    Less or No application reviews:

    Application reviews play a huge role in making your app famous in the market. Apple will get interested in your app only if it will have huge reviews by people but only positive reviews. Reviews are important whether they are not so positive, but they are still very important.

    No focus on the app design:

    Design for an application plays an important role in the market and this is the reason for which app developer needs to focus. Getting an attractive UI design to the app will lead to new success points for its popularity. If you will simply add more and more features and not pay any attention to the design, then it may happen that your app will consider as a big flop in the market. Users feel more engaging when they find an attention-gaining design and also it is easy to use.

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