Any Chances for BlackBerry to Come Back to the Market

    Are There Any Chances for BlackBerry to Come Back to the Market?

    • October 10, 2016
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    There was a time when the term ‘Mobile Phone’ is deeply connected with BlackBerry. In fact, BlackBerry was one of the most basic familiar smartphones. Today, the records of BlackBerry OS contain not enough percentage of the Smartphone OS market. It’s been a while since BlackBerry has offered any kind of big statement in the world of mobile. There was a time when BlackBerry had so much as it stands apart from the usual smartphones in the mobile industry. So how did BlackBerry go from just Smartphone to an unknown entity?

    There are very few developers who are making applications for different platforms apart from iOS and Android. Customer usually does not purchase devices without ready-made applications. Even, a number of majorly popular applications such as Instagram are not available for BlackBerry platforms. However, the company remains very positive and claiming that there are millions of applications for BlackBerry 10 which have been downloaded. You can’t say the company didn’t try as BlackBerry convinced the social media giant to aids a web-based version of the application for the ten million BlackBerry users still out there.

    In the year 2013, BlackBerry made a re-appearance with the Z10 and Q10 devices which kept running on the BB10 Operating System. The response towards the gadgets was varied however overall it was quite positive. Jumping to the present day – we can observe that BlackBerry is trying to make a comeback again with the latest Priv. There is a lot of gossips that takes place regarding the Priv, which is similar to a hybrid of the Z10 and Bold. By judging exclusively on the renders of the gadget that have been observed, the ‘Priv’ looks extraordinary. It looks appealing & the slide-out keyboard does not appear to weigh down the device’s sleek look which is still particularly BlackBerry on a basic level.

    The control of Android and iOS

    Undoubtedly this BlackBerry Priv is the finest mobile phone of the day. The addition of Android instantly makes the Priv more reachable to the average customer and remedies the long-standing application absence the brand has gone through from. BlackBerry has sensibly left Android more or less alone, and just included a few valuable features from prior handsets, such as the BlackBerry Hub or DTEK application. The QWERTY keyboard will definitely satisfy BlackBerry perfectionists but the screen, battery life, and assemble quality are the real highlights of the Priv.

    The pervasiveness of the iOS and Android platforms, as well as the broad sincerity of their separate app stores, have also made it feasible for any person to build his or her own application practically. It does not require an app development expert to represent the next extraordinary thing in the field of mobile computing. Essential move & customize creation requires truly no coding background, and new applications can be dispatched on both iOS and Android frameworks instantly after getting finished.


    It might be very difficult for BlackBerry to stay alive in the market without any help. The BlackBerry PRIV is either less power-driven for its price point or excessively costly for the specifications on offer. In direct competition with the base, BlackBerry is going to lose, every single time. But if it can be seen as the Android device that is insisted by big enterprises and governments in each corner of the globe, then it’ll be found a benefit.

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