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    Android Oreo Highlights you’ll Adore: Picture-in-Picture Mode

    • September 4, 2017
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    What is the Android Picture-in-Picture feature?

    Now, you can watch your played video in a pinned window at the corner of your mobile screen. You can perform multiple tasks at the same time while playing the video in a pinned window. With the help of the Picture-in-Picture feature, it is possible to apply this feature in your phone and even on your computer now it is available.

    With the latest update of Android 8.0 in the market, a new feature named Picture-in-Picture loves by people for many reasons. Android Oreo enables developers to develop applications that launch in the Picture-in-Picture mode. PIP is an exceptional sort of multi-window mode that is most generally utilized for video playback. You might be having PIP on your Television or through your cable box. It's been accessible for Android Television since the arrival of Android Nougat, yet Oreo conveys it to each gadget that runs Android 8 or higher.

    PIP is easy to use, although applications have to be updated and apply some fresh code for it to work appropriately. In the application setting menu, you will find an entry for Picture-in-Picture and then you have to toggle it either on or off and make sure that it is enabled. With the PiP mode, you can move the windows wherever you want to place them without facing any interruption. Using different taps, you can adjust the window screen size and use the application switcher for going back on the full-screen window.

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    The Picture-in-Picture window makes use of the phone’s accelerometer for displaying in the portrait or landscape mode which is dependent on your phone’s rotation. On the whole, it is just an awesome and extraordinary feature which works great.

    Below is the list of devices that had started using the Picture-in-Picture feature

    • Motorola X4
    • Google Maps
    • WhatsApp Beta
    • Google Chrome
    • Facebook
    • VLC Beta
    • Play Movies
    • Google Photos
    • Duo v11
    • Google Phone 9.0

    Developers will likewise need to advise their application on how to carry on when it's placed in PIP mode and ensure support for the new movement is included. For making all such changes, you have to call the developer and tell him to add the required feature. We will look for applications that utilization Picture-in-Picture, and we trust you will be, as well.

    Android Oreo's picture-in-picture feature will work just in areas where an application's developer clearly chooses to help it. For the present, it's accessible in a moderately modest number of titles — applications like YouTube (with a dynamic Play Music/YouTube Red membership), Google Play Movies (in principle, however, it isn't yet working there for me), and in addition Chrome (when you're playing a video from a site page in a full-screen view) and WhatsApp (when you're occupied with a video call).

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