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    Android Instant Apps – A New Dawn To Face Success In The Market of Apps!

    • June 6, 2016
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    Apps are revolving everywhere whether it’s the Food industry or Healthcare or Fitness Centers or E-Commerce Platforms. The market of apps is flooding and this is making every business owner more concerned to develop an app for their business. In today’s technology-based world, every single person is aiming to expand their business worldwide and for that reason, people are required to be up to date in the market by adapting the current technology trends.

    Now a day’s people are using more and more apps for satisfying their daily needs and with the increase of Smartphone usage, the whole process of accessing things becomes easier and simpler. Mobile applications are very important to use as they make the whole work gets finished in just minutes. Business owners are revolving around mobile apps and continuously searching for the best app developer to satisfy their app development needs in the best ways.

    Google I/O Conference 2016 – Android Instant Apps:

    Sometimes the concept of downloading an app is frustrating as it is compulsory to download an app from the app store if you want to use that app. How is the idea of accessing the app without just downloading it on your mobile? Yes, now it is possible. Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google has recently announced the future plans of Google at the Google I/O 2016 conference held at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. At the conference, many ideas were revealed targeting different areas and Android Instant App is one of them.

    Android Instant Apps – Definition and all the things that you need to know

    Google has announced that apps future will be going to change in the upcoming years with the help of Android Instant Apps. In the coming years, Android Apps will run instantly and there will remain no requirement to install the app for using it. Android Instant apps provide the best user interface, high performance, and huge capabilities on just a single tap.

    Benefits of Android Instant Apps:

    • Native android app
    • No installation
    • Seamless payment and authentication

    If you want to upgrade your existing app to an Android instant app, then you can do this by adding Android APIs that are built-in in Android studio.

    Just follow these steps:

    • Upgrade existing app
    • Use Android APIs
    • Build-in Android studio
    • The easy path to install

    Android instant apps are compatible with all the android versions from Jelly Beans, Kitkat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow to the upcoming version Android N whose name is not disclosed yet.

    Let's talk about the examples that were explained at the Google I/O conference regarding the working of Android Instant Apps

    1. BuzzFeed:

    If there is a link to BuzzFeed on your mobile and you want to see the app quickly then you can see the app without even installing it. When you tap the URL you are actually in the real app just in a second and the videos start playing automatically and you can just swipe and go to the next video very quickly. When you tap the link Google play downloaded only the code that was necessary to display the screen.

    2. Shopping From B&H:

    You're searching for a camera to buy and like one from the B&H app then you can add that camera to the shopping cart without even downloading the app in your app. Also, the app will provide full ease to do the payment procedure within the app itself. This way you will able to face an awesome shopping experience without even downloading an app.

    3. Android Pay:

    The android pay will work just like you have the app installed on your phone. It will take just two taps not two minutes to pay. As a user, it's a seamless experience to use Android instant apps. For example - You are in a hurry and want to park the car quickly but you didn't have the app on your mobile for doing the payment. Then just by clicking the URL, you will able to do the payment using Android Pay without installing the app on your phone.

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