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    Google Android 5.0 Lollipop – Top Features, APIs, Reviews

    • March 16, 2015
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    Its been more than 9 months; Google has unveiled its latest OS Android 5.0 Lollipop, the all-new android Lollipop, or android 5.0. This android comes with a lot more improvements than what its preview showed in June. The two most appreciated features of this android will be its better consistency and longer battery life. It seems Google has done its homework well to stay in competition with its rivals, especially the IOS.

    Let's take a quick look at some new features of the latest android version 5.0 and their recent updates.

    1) Notification Control

    In a meeting with your boss or dinner with your family? Want to ignore certain notifications from your apps? The latest android allows you to control your notifications in the way you want. Now you can ignore notifications from certain apps even while playing games on your phone. It's even possible to prioritize notifications from your favorite apps or websites and even emails from a certain person so it always remains at the top of the notification list. It will also be possible to reply to tweets or messages without even opening the app.

    2) Advanced camera feature

    Devices supporting android always came with a good camera but never had a good user experience due to lack of support from android OS. IOS and Windows mobile devices always had an edge over android devices. Android 5.0 is also allowing hardware-level controls for the sensor, lens, and flash. So now the third-party apps will be able to control shutter speed, focus, and many more features.

    3) Setup is now easier

    Setting up a new android device has always been a time-consuming experience. Android 5.0 provides you with a unique solution for setting up your new device. All you need to have is two android 5.0 devices and you can download all the apps on your older devices through NFC. You can also use Google’s cloud infrastructure to download apps from your old device.

    4) Improved battery life and battery notifications

    Android has always been tagged as more battery-consuming. This may change with the new android 5.0. Previews of android L showed that the battery life has improved and now. With Google working even hard to improve its battery life, it claims to have improved the life to about 90 mins. Now, it's also possible to see the estimated time left for a full charge and the estimated time left before starting charging your device again.

    5) Improved sharing

    Android has also improved its sharing experience. Now it's possible to share your phone or tablets with your friends or family without them seeing your private stuff. Lollipop comes with the facility of setting up multiple users on the same device so feel free to share your phone now.

    There is also a screen pinning feature by which you can pin a particular screen and the other person using your device will have access to only that particular screen.

    But the best and most outstanding sharing feature has to be that, now you can access your messages, photos, videos, and even call your friend from another android device by just signing in to that device.

    6) Security

    The new Android 5.0 is believed to be more secure than ever due to its encryption automatically turned on feature. Also, it is implementing a new smart lock feature by which you can pair your device with any other trusted android device and you can unlock your device only when both of these devices are paired.

    In early 2015, Google kept the legacy for maintaining material design look and feel after recent updates as WebView app, Android 5.1 lollipop SDK, Android 5.1 APIs.

    Google has also introduced more then 20 new code samples simplifying the usage of the new features for better android application development of this release, which can be easily accessed by Android Studio by importing samples to your app code. The most advanced and happening one is the “speed track sample” to take development advantage for GPS support on smartwatch wearables.

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