Modern Women of 21st Century

    10 Most Valuable Apps for the Modern Women of 21st Century!

    • July 4, 2016
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    Gone is the time when women were not allowed to do anything like education, job, or in any field. The work of women was to make food and be at home doing all the household work. Now, the time has changed as the 21st century is going on, and women are doing every possible thing. The SmartPhone has introduced many different things that are beneficial for people. The market of SmartPhones is continuously growing as app developers are working hard to fulfill people’s needs and providing them their demand-able mobile application.

    Women's power is strong and it is emerging all over the world in every possible field. Whether it is household work or any other outside work which includes a job in the professional world women are emerging everywhere and doing their best work in the best possible ways. Now just like men, women also do anything that too in the full proper manner. Being a woman there is a full requirement to handle all the things properly and for this reason, different apps that are developed keeping women in mind are very helpful for women to manage their work properly.

    Following is the list of apps which are designed keeping women’s in mind:

    1. Companion – Never Walk Home Alone:

    An app called a Companion is designed by the students of the University of Michigan with a new idea of providing full safety. This app is best when you are leaving for the home alone. The working of this app is defined as under,

    • Enter your destination
    • Select contacts to choose as your ‘Companions’
    • This set of companions will follow your route via a live map
    • The app has the potential to feel the stress when you start running when your phone falls on the ground, you didn’t reach your destination on time
    • This app will inform your set companion about the condition by giving an alert message
    • The app has features to call the police when it will sense danger

    2. Health App:

    • The app designed for keeping an eye on your body and health is named ‘HealthifyMe’. The working of this app is defined as under
    • It will keep a full record of what you eat
    • It will act as your fitness coach by providing fitness guidelines
    • It will make you eat healthier
    • It will force you to become fitter

    3. Daily Yoga:

    Yoga has always been considered the best way to face mental peace with which you can face a healthy routine. The app is helpful for providing step-by-step yoga guidelines. The different yoga positions can help you in improving your mental state and even it will make your body become fit and flexible. The different yoga positions are defined for the sake of people who are aiming to face the best lifestyle without any mental tension or overweight problem.

    4. Sleep Cycle:

    The app named Sleep Cycle helps people to analyze the right sleeping cycle and then wake you up. Sometimes it happens that even if you wake up early in the morning still you feel sleepy the whole day & the whole reason behind such a state is your sleeping cycle. The app plays a huge role by sensing your sleep mode as when you are in the light mode of your sleep it senses your state and will then wake you up in the morning. This will keep you fresh and energetic for the whole day as you face the best sleep.

    5. Early Detection Plan – Breast Cancer:

    Due to breast cancer among women, the ratio of death is 522000 and the cases are about 1.68 billion worldwide. As the ratio is increasing day by day there is a requirement to take some severe steps for fighting this deadly disease and stop death caused by breast cancer. The app is designed especially for this cause which helps women to do regular checks and attend regular seminars to help on the same concern.

    The app is designed by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Early Detection Plan (EDP) which is aiming to make women alert and want them to perform routine breast self-exams, mammograms, according to your age and health problems. By performing all these steps in the right manner, you will able to detect breast cancer in its early stages and can get diagnosed.

    6. Relax: Stress And Anxiety Relief:

    Today’s women are facing stress, depression, aggression, and many different problems. At times, women face huge problems regarding stress and all the way searches to find mental peace. The app is known as 'Relax' is specially developed for such women facing depression. The app shows different ways of doing meditation and breathing exercises.

    Depression is a severe disease and if neglected, it may cause insomnia, cancer, and even heart diseases. Stress should get controlled in a proper manner & this app helps in an entire manner to solve the problem and helps to gain an energetic life.

    7. Cab:

    Are you in the need to call a cab? No need to worry! There are various apps available in the market for providing you with the best car services like Ola, Uber, Taxi for Sure, BlaBla Cars, and many more. Car services will help you pick up and drop wherever you need. The taxi services are always there to help you by providing the best, reliable, fast, and cheap services.

    8. Evernote:

    Evernote helps to maintain all the data in a well-organized manner as it offers various features to store your data. If you are a working woman then you can save all the important work on the Evernote. Following are the features provided by Evernote:

    • You can create various corporate plans quickly
    • You can save different images, screenshots, notes
    • It has the best data-saving ability
    • You can create presentations immediately

    9. Cooking:

    Cooking is the task that women have to perform on a daily basis. There are various cooking apps that will help women to assist in the cooking process and will also make them learn new recipes.

    Here is the list of different cooking apps:

    • Big Oven
    • All recipes Dinner Spinner
    • Food Network in the Kitchen
    • BigOven
    • Perfect Produce
    • ChefTap Recipe App
    • Paprika Recipe Manager
    • Weber’s On the Grill
    • Cookbook: Free recipes
    • Cook pad Recipes
    • Escoffier

    10. Shopping:

    Every single woman loves to do shopping. There are plenty of apps that will provide you with the best shopping experience and will help to make you satisfied. Whether it’s about buying clothes, grocery products, electronic items, shopping sites are there to assist you in just one click. Today, shopping sites are the leading one as it provides people full comfort to do shopping just by sitting at home.

    There are many shopping sites across the world. Some of them are listed below:

    • SnapDeal
    • Walmart
    • Jabong
    • Myntra

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