App Store Optimization (ASO) to help you getting explored on the World Wide Web

    • December 3, 2015
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    With the number of mobile applications existing in the current market, how discoverable your app on the internet? How you can increase the number of downloads of your app? For the app developers App store Optimization is a very significant as well as oftentimes overlooked opportunity to get more downloads. Make people to download your app from the app-store is such a headache. This is where ASO tricks and strategy come into the picture. If you want to show up your app, you need to perform optimization. Its as simple as that.

    App Store Optimization

    ASO is an activity to enhance the visibility of a mobile apps on the app store. It's a technique like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but for the mobile application. It will definitely place your app on the topmost level and give more traffic.

    It is becoming very significant to make sure that your app will stand out amongst others. There are number of App store optimization tools available in the market to help individuals with ASO strategy. By utilizing those tools you'll definitely get on the track to improve your app's visibility.

    From the beginning of development, developers at AgileInfoways- A preeminent Mobile app development company performs the whole procedure in the way which satisfies all the nitty-gritty concepts of ASO. Our ASO strategy will obviously help your app to get boom in the market because our app developers are well familiar with the importance of App Store Optimization Services.

    For optimization of keywords we perform;

    • Name optimization
      • Name should be unique as well as relevant and contain a brand name if any
    • Description optimization
      • Short and compelling description with the best appropriate keywords
    • For visuals optimization we perform
      • Icon optimization
      • keep your icon simple and consistent without using words or any explanations
    • Screen-shots optimization
      • Don’t just update an image, include benefits as well as actions into it
      • For a bit challenging off-site factors we always aware about,
    • Number of downloads
      • Better for the status of application amongst new customers
    • Ratings and reviews
      • The more reviews and ratings, the better for your app store rankings

    Useful tips for the ASO:

    • You need to concentrate on the keywords which you utilize in the description
    • Use the techniques of conversion optimization and push notifications to assure more innovative use of application.
    • Deliver great reasons to your users to share, like and follow your application
    • Share PR to improve download ratio
    • Make use of event tracking facilities like on which iteration user have left last time. So user can start from where he left. It'll ultimately decrease the bouncing ratio.

    What to expect from ASO in 2016?

    The key point to target in 2016 for the App store optimization is Social Media. Without any realistic social media marketing ASO will be useless. So, more and more companies nowadays starting to realize the importance of Social Media. It'll help to generate greater ROI & deliver better revenue. Social media is going to be where the game is being played.

    We at AgileInfoways understand that visibility is an important aspect to consider when you need to upsurge the download ratio of any application. So come to us with all your ASO needs and give us a chance to serve you with high quality apps development services.