5 Ways to Secure your E-Commerce Site from Hacking and Fraud

    • March 29, 2017
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    Introduction of E-Commerce Industry

    Today’s era is escalating at a no defined rate and almost every industry is growing with the current technology trends. It is very frustrating scenario when you are not aware of this inclination and feels lost from the race. At that time, one should not feel frustrated or lonely and take some right steps to adopt the ongoing technology in their particular business area. Having full essence of current shopping scenario, it is a mandatory task for entrepreneurs to walk with the emerging technologies. If you want to be active in today’s competitive era, you have to keep your business up-to-date with the trending IT Solutions.

    Importance of having a secure e-commerce website

    In today’s competitive scenario, the trend of developing websites is escalating. But the one thing which is still the same is the threat towards website hacking. It is said that hackers are always searching for websites lacking in the security features. Companies having secured and confidential data should opt for maintaining high security features in their website. Even big and reputed companies are going safe and secure by adopting secure features in their websites.

    We are walking in today’s technological world where manufacturing industry to E-Commerce industry all are adopting new technology trends. The website should be highly secured and have all the essential security features in the e-commerce website for getting user’s trust. An estimated rate of website hacking is around 25,000 everyday which is a very scary figure. Strong steps should be taken by the entrepreneurs for avoiding the fear of website fraud or hacked. This will also make customers happy and tension free while doing online shopping or surfing.

    Below we are describing some highly important points to keep your e-commerce website secure

    1. Best & Secured E-Commerce Platform

    There are plenty of e-commerce platforms available in the market. But the question is always the same i.e. which platform to choose for adding more security in your e-commerce website. Different platforms are Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Drupal, and many other platforms are there in the market. But all of these platforms do not provide high level security and integrity for storing data in the server.

    Sometimes the need to get security is different as it demands an additional plug-in to reach high level website security. That’s why it is said that when you are aiming to develop security in your online website, the first thing to keep in mind is the selection of the most capable and secured e-commerce platform.

    There are different things that one must keep in mind while choosing the e-commerce platform
    • HTTP Protection
    • Firewall Protection
    • SSL Certificates
    • Web Server and PHP Control
    • Regular Security Audits

    By finding all such things in an e-commerce platform, just go ahead and choose it for developing the best e-store. Users will always love such online store which is secure and provides the best shopping features while landing on their website.

    2. Delete your old record from the Database

    Opting for an e-commerce platform, it is required that you should take care of the data that stored automatically on the server. Having a secured platform will provide the facility to delete that data from the server. As the PCI standards itself says that storing data on the server is not allowed like customers’ data i.e. expiration dates, credit card numbers, customers’ personal details and more such information.
    When a hacker tries to hack the website then he will at first focus on such sensitive information to hack. If you want to protect your important information from the malicious hands then the wiser move is to delete all the data and records from the server or cookies. Doing this, you will able to keep your website protected from the wrong and unauthorized hands.

    3. Build Strong Password

    Weak passwords are damn easy to crack. At times, it happens that people on online stores opens their account keeping weak passwords. This provides a full chance for hackers to crack the password easily and hack their e-commerce account. There is always a requirement to keep strong password for your e-store account as it will help you to keep your all kind of safe and secure from any kind of theft.

    There are certain rules which should be applied while setting a new password
    • Case sensitive password
    • Combination of symbols and numerals
    • Special character
    • Periodically change the password
    • Strong password retrieval and easy reset process
    • Never go with the format of date of birth, nicknames, etc. which are easy noticeable passwords
    4. Regular security audits

    It is always a beneficial activity when you are performing a regular security audit on your e-commerce website. Security audits are all the way profitable towards maintaining the integrity of your website. As it helps to find out the chances of getting malicious or unwanted access on the online store. That’s why it is figured out in the Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics Reports that, 200 days hackers stay inactive in the network before they perform any malicious activity. This is the main reason for performing a special security audit on the e-store for getting a full report on the suspicious activity.

    Below are some points that must be included in the e-commerce website audit process
    • Recognize wireless networks and establish the value of security
    • Change all the password at critical points
    • Install the current software for web server and e-commerce platform
    • Eliminate old and unnecessary data from the server and complicated data such as credit card information, customers’ information should kept at offline server
    • Examine the old report and plans and adopt them in the current format of cycle
    5. Build SSL Certificates

    SSL certificates will amplify the level of security of your website to a huge extent. Security Socket Layer (SSL) adds such a tight security level on the website that hackers almost find it impossible to crack the password for hacking the website. Also, SSL provides many different benefits for your online store that helps to get a massive range of customers and increase sales and business revenues.

    • A web page having SSL certificate will always get a higher rank on the SERP (Search engine results page) in Google.
    • Every browser is drifting to HTTPS as HTP is out of picture now.
    • Upcoming technology will require SSL certificate as the mandatory standard
    • More than 45% of users feel safe while shopping from e-stores with SSL certificates
    Wrapping up

    Living in the 21st century requires walking wearing technology-based shoes. As we are aware of the fact that technology is booming at a tremendous rate and there is no stopping. With the fact that everything is coming online, we have to accept that building online reputation has become a compulsory task. For that reason, a website is a necessary thing to explore your presence online.

    In the e-commerce industry, people are going mad towards online shopping trend and enjoying a lot. But it is required for entrepreneurs to add necessary security features for enhancing customer experience. With a best and most secured e-store, a person can feel protected and happy while doing online shopping. So always follow the right steps to build a safe and secure e-commerce website with the help of the best e-commerce solution that gives no chance for hackers to hack.