Scaling Virtual Care: Navigating Challenges in Infrastructure and Workflow

Join us for a ground-breaking webinar where we'll explore the transformative power of remote and virtual application development in the healthcare industry. Have your questions answered by our experts. Engage in a live discussion and discover how to leverage technology to advance your healthcare organization.

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Ronak Shah
CEOAgile Infoways LLC
Grant McGaugh
Dr. Erik Ilyayev
Chief Innovation OfficeriKonnect.io
Vidette Pires
Executive AdvisorFAU Tech Runway

Are you prepared to shape the future of healthcare through scalable virtual care solutions?

Join us on this journey of Healthcare Tech Innovation and discover the possibilities that lie ahead.

Key takeaways:
  • Learn how we navigate the complexities of virtual application development to deliver solutions that are not just innovative but also secure, compliant, and user-friendly.
  • We will delve into an industry example highlighting the challenges of virtual app development in healthcare, showcasing our approach to overcoming these obstacles and driving success for clients.
  • Discussion on emerging trends in virtual application development and how your company stays ahead of the curve, ensuring clients receive solutions that align with future industry developments.

Joy of care, together with our healthcare tech solutions

Embark on this exploration of scaling virtual care, where innovation meets the healthcare industry's evolving needs. By staying informed and inspired, you'll be ready to lead your organization into a future where virtual care is a cornerstone of healthcare delivery.

Explore the latest insights to keep up with the most latest developments and challenges in IT, Cloud, & Software industry.

Explore the latest insights to keep up with the most latest developments and challenges.

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We tailor software solutions to address the business challenges & needs of our clients.


Secure & reliable comprehensive healthcare portal.


Ivira is a custom web-based panel for the care managers and pharmacists and a separate web-based panel for the system administrator. The user panel allows pharmacists and care managers to add patient demographic details, assign care programs, and view patient readings.

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30+ looming technologies & stacks

Get seamless integration with below technology stack and become the global leader in digital innovation.

  • WordPress
  • iOS
  • Android
  • AWS
  • Firebase
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Node
  • Python
  • VueJS
  • ReactJS
  • Angular
  • Java
  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
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