Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

Connect with IoT and Explore your Business Worldwide

Whether you are a startup or a huge enterprise, we at Agile Infoways have the skills to help you in keeping yourself connected with the current technology-based world. Our developers are highly qualified and experienced for delivering the best-in-class IoT services. We have the specialization to improve user experience and assist them to increase their business sector with our unsurpassed IoT offerings.

Automotive Industry

Having years of experience, we at Agile Infoways aims high to deliver the most challenging IoT-based solutions. The automotive industry is growing beyond imagination with the powerful and continuous participation of Internet of Things services and solutions. The concept of merging automotive industry and IoT is so strong that it is bringing driverless car concept into reality. If you are searching for unmatched IoT-based services, you must contact us.

Our IoT-based solutions for Automotive Industry
  • Connected cars in real-time
  • in-Vehicle infotainment
  • Predict maintenance
  • Vehicle Telematics
  • Real-time tracking shipments
Smart City

At Agile Infoways, we are making every possible move to provide the top IoT-based solutions to make the city smart. IoT solutions are needed to adopt for making your city smart which is like road infrastructure, real-time monitoring of electric power distribution, smart buildings, traffic road and much more. We have all the expertise to provide IoT solutions that will help for building a smart city.

Our IoT-based solutions for Smart City
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Roads and Parking
  • Traffic managing & supervising
  • Smart Energy
  • Electric power distribution
Smart Home

Agile Infoways is present here to provide unmatched IoT solutions that will help to keep an eye on your house from anywhere in the world. With the top most IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, you can watch every activity of your home as well as you can access some activities like unlock doors, managing switches on/off and more such anytime, anywhere. By adopting IoT solutions, you can convert your home into a real Smart Home.

Our IoT-based solutions for Smart Home
  • Remote Control Appliances
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Home safety systems
  • Energy and Water recognition
  • Waste management system

With the help of IoT solutions, health industries can benefit in various areas like telehealth, remote patient monitoring, improved drug management, hand hygiene compliance, behavior modification and more. Agile Infoways has huge expertise in serving different IoT-based solutions for improving the current scenario of health care industry and making it simpler and flexible.

Our IoT-based solutions for Healthcare Industry
  • Remote health checking
  • Patients Surveillance
  • Ultraviolet radiation
  • Ambulance telemetry
  • Fall Detection
Retail Industry

Agile Infoways is helping retailers to keep their identity in the market with the help of Internet of Things solutions. The scope of retailers is continually evolving as new technology and trends are introducing in the market. We have a full command on delivering the superior IoT services for raising the bar of the retail industry.

Our IoT-based solutions for Retail Industry
  • Supply chain control
  • NFC payment
  • Agile shopping apps
  • Automate product management