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Joomla is an open source Content Management System for publishing and building your web site. Born in a competent world being already dominated by other open source languages, Joomla became to be revered as the second most used CMS very soon due to the immense features it had to offer.

With its latest version being Joomla 3 out, it supports more than 60 languages and provides a platform so perfect for the business fraternity, that many have started using this CMS due to the following benefits…

Joomla Development

Why choose Joomla?

  • Provides rapid turnaround time with its web site organization infrastructure.
  • Provides a large number of beautiful templates to choose from, which keeps on getting better each passing day
  • Its hierarchical structure keeps the contents organized and makes it easy to search through
  • Renders flexibility of pages, which are linked to Joomla components
  • Allows multiple people to manage multiple parts of the site at a time

Joomla development at AGILE

We have adapted to the changes in this technology at a very early stage thereby rendering an added advantage with expertise in developing Joomla made custom applications. Adding flexibility and extending our Joomla portfolio, we have customized / developed Templates, Modules and Plugins using this powerful CMS.