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CakePHP, is a very popular Open Source framework, modeled after the concepts of Ruby-on-Rails follows, allow the developers to concentrate on the MVC architecture rather than any other tool, thereby differentiating Business logic from presentation side.

Widely used in modern day big level business modules and websites , while using CakePHP you can be sure that your core is perfectly tested and being improved continuously.

Cake PHP Development

Why choose CakePhp?

  • Allows best in class security features for your application providing reusability.
  • Fully supports all the latest version of PHP Programming language
  • Improve the front-end looks by designing your own templates
  • Comes with rich API and supports any database
  • Helps reduce cost and time for development

Bake some code with us:

At AGILE, with a team of skilled developers, we have been successful in using the merits of this framework without compromising on flexibility. Always up-to-date with the latest frameworks; we possess the skills to deploy custom made applications as per your needs.