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Being one of the major contenders in the mobile application world, iOS been the most popularly used platforms alongside Google’s Android platform for app development. This makes the iPhone market very attractive and preferred choice of the business to leverage their impact in the competitive economy. With its latest release iOS7 version, compatible on iPhone 4 and above, is a great platform for professional app developers with high quality games to Financial and commercial apps on the Apple store.

Hire iOS app developers:

Designing and developing ideas has been AGILE’s forte and our long list of successful apps and customers stand witness to these developments- which is why its the best OutSource Mobile Application Development Company. We have a young team with a perfect mix of enthusiasm and vigor to make apps ranging from games to complex financial business systems.

IOS Developement

Some of the technical fronts of iOS app development where we lead are:

  • Geo Location/GPS, Location base event, Google Map, Daily Deals
  • PayPal Integration, Coupon generation, QR Code, Scanner
  • Security, System notification, Push Notification, Rating, Vehicle service reminder
  • Music Player, Camera Integration, Live Video and Audio Editing, Sketcher, Embedded YouTube player
  • Health information, Fitness tips, Runners track system, Guidance app, Food Recipe information
  • Uploading to server, Data Sync, Server XML API Call, JSON
  • Fun/Entertainment and learning base apps
  • Social Networking integration, In App purchase, PayPal

Do you have an idea for iPhone app development and looking to Hire iPhone App Developers? we are listening!