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iOS application development

With the flourishing launch of iOS 9, Apple has guaranteed its initiative for the near future. If there is a platform which has given a completely new definition to the world of Technology, definitely it is the iOS. This platform can be utilized for a variety of apple gadgets like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iPhone Application Development is nothing unique from developing a master piece and we at AgileInfoways have expertise in it. The app market of iOS comprises several set of needs and client expectations than the other platforms such as Android or Windows. Our professionals are perfectly placed to help and lead you on the best strategy of Enterprise Apps Development, Social Media Apps, News Applications, Gaming Apps, M-commerce, etc for iOS devices.

From the release of iOS 9, more than 70% of Apple devices are constantly running on the new OS. Our developers have already updated their selves with the cutting-edge iOS subjects like News Apps, the iCloud Driven Apps on the home screen, Multitasking on the iPad and a smarter version of Siri, Apple pay enhancements, etc. Its a big thanks to 'RevealMenu' jailbreak tweak as individuals get 3D touch feature on any older iOS device. This update also conveying number of security and privacy improvements. The minute you download and install the latest version, Activator deliver 3D touch and many more things that you can do with 3D touch, but it can only be enjoyed by the iPhone 6s and 6s plus owners.

iPhone and iPad application development services delivered by the prominent firm 'AgileInfoways' are moving around all the latest stuff of iOS. We amaze our admired clients by delivering incredible UI/UX design experiences which ensure that every pixel is at the right place with clean and functional designs. Our talents contains deep expertise in the swift programming language which is now declared as an open-source language. As Apple fulfill its promise to make a Swift language as an open-source, our iOS Application Developers are also assure cutting-edge solutions.

Our iOS services ranges around following criteria:
  • Enterprise iOS app development
  • GPS based real time Application
  • In App purchase and Push notification
  • Barcode scanning
  • Gaming applications
  • Education application development
  • Location based applications
  • Social networking apps
  • Banking and finance related apps
  • City guide/Compass based apps
  • Video/Audio streaming apps
  • Admob, iAd based apps
  • Travel applications
  • Calender based apps
  • Lifestyle, shopping/deals application

Each of our developers are always bringing something unique to the table in all the mentioned area, which helps in building a breakthrough app. AgileInfoways provide guarantee that an appropriate blend of tools and technologies will be utilized to help you reach out to the targeted audience.

You can share your unique project thoughts with us because,
  • We deliver easy update and migration of application
  • Provide high-quality app as well as modify the currently existing app
  • Moderate and affordable pricing plans
  • We have the best technology set up for the development
  • Skilled expertise
  • First priority is to satisfy the customers
  • 24/7 support
  • on-time quality service
  • Clear methodologies for the development
  • Committed 100% contented outcome
  • Assurance for the excellent optimization

If you really want to go ahead with a great idea for you dream project, come across and get better idea about our working methodology and the expertise our dedicated developers are holding. Just give us a call or fill up the form with all the required detail.

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