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Android Application Development

The importance of Android Application Development for the enterprise can't be emphasized in today's arena. Individuals are purchasing smart devices with ever exploding speed day to day. It will not be incorrect to say that Android is the most recognized and accepted OS of smart phones on the cyberspace. There are currently number of apps available in Android App Store whether its Enterprise Apps, Social Media apps, entertainment apps, M-Commerce and much more.

AgileInfoways is a pioneer in Android App Development, design as well as digital marketing services with the best talents on the ground. Our Android App Developers have been in the process of development since the inception of this amazing platform. Today, we can announce globally with pride that our portfolio has enlarged to a huge array of different innovative Android Applications. They all have expertise in handling device fragmentation issues rising during the Enterprise Android Application Development. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified firm having great expertise in the development, design and marketing.

Now its time to move over from Lollipop to Marshmallow just like HTC one M8, Galaxy s6, Xperia Z5 and Nexus devices does. Our skilled professionals are developing apps even with the latest version of the platform “Android Marshmallow 6.0”. If you are not getting enough downloads of your android apps developed on the older versions, we are here to upgrade it with the latest version. With the marshmallow you can use a fingerprint for the security purpose, manage volumes easily, handle permissions more smoothly and much more. With android 6.0, updated features like corporate-owned, single use (COSU) as well as remote update management have been presented for improved mobility management across the enterprises.

  • We are known to deliver high Quality development services
  • We always follow result-driven and customer-oriented methods to satisfy users 100%
  • Our services are Competitive and affordable in cost
  • We are available 24/7 if you need any sort of support
  • Deploy applications that adhere to ISO 9001:2008 processes
  • We are offering different options if you want to hire our expert talents
  • We offer great assessment of user's needs
  • We digitize your business process with our expertise
  • We schedule QA and testing process to make your project bug free
  • We discuss marketing opportunities with you
  • We do seamless communications through Phone, Skype, email or chat

Our experts works with the global firms to convert their honored ideas into stunning and inventive Android Apps. With the creative technology solutions, we are proficient in all the areas for Android Application development. Getting involved with the Android platforms will never disappoint you as it delivers number of benefit such as, serve you with the different keyboard choices, Provide customized home launchers, Removable battery as well as storage and much more.

What we love to do for Android Application Development?
  • Enterprise Application Development Always there for all the support for enterprise technology through Android apps
  • Android M-commerce application development The best mobile commerce app builder for mobile sites and native Android platform
  • Android Game Development Deliver fantastic android games for the full entertainment which make users stress free
  • Customized Android App Development Offer customization in the app as per the different needs of the customerss
  • Android App testing Offer high quality testing and portability for the customer application

Our android apps have seen amazing success and we are happy to represent that to the world. To get more information about our services come to us and share your thoughts; what you are searching in your entire development procedure? You can Hire Dedicated Android Developers and give a kick-start to your business immediately.

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