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  • 10 yrs of experience
  • Expertise on multiple platforms
  • Use of project management tool
  • Client base in different countries
  • Longterm business relationship
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Angular JS Development

AgileInfoways uses AngularJS, the JavaScript framework, maintained by Google; comparable to Backbone JS and EmberJS to develop single page web applications and mobile web applications. We have developed several web applications using AngularJS while focusing on optimizing memory usage and enhancing application performance.

Angular.Js Development Service offerings :
  • Content Management Tools
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • E-commerce Stores and Marketplaces
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Learning Platforms
  • Music & Video Streaming Apps
  • Plug-ins Development
  • Real Time & Interactive Maps and Location Apps
  • Social and Interactive Apps
  • Social Networking Platforms
  • Theme Generators and Text Editors
Technologies & Tools Used for Angular.Js Development :
  • AngularJS, NodeJS, Ember and BackboneJS
  • CSS 3, HTML5,PHP
  • Twitter Bootstrap & Responsive designs
  • Agile development environment with Scrum/Kanban
Expertise at Angular.Js Development :
  • Breaking down into components, controllers, views, models, and services
  • Catching Errors
  • Controllers and Routes
  • Data Binding
  • Directives
  • Extending functionalities
  • Filters
  • Form Validation
  • HTML Views
  • Inline Templates
  • Internationalization
  • Keeping Track of the URL
  • Localization
  • Scope changes
  • Understanding server communication

Hire Angular.Js Developers from AgileInfoways, as they know how declaring static documents in HTML5 is easy but the recipe might fail when declaring dynamic views in web-applications. It is exactly the situation where Angular JS and our developers would work to your advantage.

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