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Why Agile infoways
  • 10 yrs of experience
  • Expertise on multiple platforms
  • Use of project management tool
  • Client base in different countries
  • Longterm business relationship
What Our Clients are Saying About us?

AgileInfoways blends its expertise of technology, and the e-commerce industry to relieve business challenges. We transform your business in tune with the evolving market & align technology as per client requirements. We believe that the industry is at a point of change in terms of retail business models and customer engagement. For reliable & constant competitive advantage for the retailers, AgileInfoways designs & develops solutions based on comprehensive understanding of consumer demands and foresighted supply chain planning to deliver desired results.

Online shopping carts and retail sites have created the demand for something new & different which is flexible and customizable is required every now and then. The immense growth in the online store economy, retailers assess the spending power of internet and mobile users for their success. This creates the need of consistent focus and social accessibility for outplaying the competition.

By enabling efficient and effective software and automation processes, we help our clients to enhance their service levels by boosting customer loyalty and branding perspective.

Our retail clients work with us for implementing the perfect technology for their needs with personalized solutions for their online store management, supply chain management, online marketing and branding. AgileInfoways has successfully aligned hyper-connected customers with retail giants by providing seamless retail solutions and e-commerce stores for their clients.

Most retailers have to depend on consumers who like to see multiple brand options of a single product. Hence online store retail giants do thorough product research on the buying habits of consumers. But the real challenge lies in implementing mobility solutions for retail wherein retailers are given an exceptional opportunity to achieve the desired impact on their prospects. Additionally, organizations need to master social channels to work out effective retail strategies to maximize their business value.

E-commerce and Retail Service offerings:
  • App stores & downloadable software
  • Architecting & maintaining e-commerce platforms
  • Call center systems & CRM solutions
  • Comparative analysis of various e-commerce solutions
  • Customer analytics
  • Expert consultation & assessment of current e-commerce infrastructure
  • Integrations with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suites SAP & Microsoft Dynamicslabel
  • Integrations with fulfillers or distributors
  • Integrations with Marketplaces
  • Leveraging ATG, Magento, and WebSphere Commerce
  • Online payment gateways
  • Shipping & delivery tracking
  • Social commerce platforms
  • Integrations with Marketplaces
  • Visual merchandising & product customization solutions
  • Website and Content Management systems - Ajax & Flash
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