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iPad Apps Development

The credit for this exponential growth of businesses goes to the fast developing world of the iPads. We at AgileInfoways, are all set to partner you with powerful, customized and cost effective iPad apps development, to make it work to your advantage. Tablets and other hand held devices have visibly surpassed the conventional sales of notebooks and desktop PCs. Instead of rigid competition, iPad still rules worldwide markets. It has transformed into an ever increasing demand for iPad apps development for both – the customers and the service/product providers.

Cocoa Touch

IMPS (Wireless Village 1.3)

Objective C (obj-C)

UIAccelerometer & Core Motion

Socket Programming – Bonjour

SQLLite, Core Animation, XML/HTTP

Xcode IDE & iOS SDK

UIKit Dynamics & Motion effects

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Global economy is flourishing leaps and bounds and so are the businesses

Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics

Enhancing user’s experience of Location

iBeacon, GPS and Navigation system

Graphics & Animation

Core Animation, Open GL ES, Core Image, Quartz 2D, PDF rendering


Core Bluetooth, Air Drop, Pass Kit, iCloud

Gesture Recognition

Tap, pinch, rotation, swipe, flick, zoom in-out, multi-touch

Audio & video Technologies

Audio (Media Player, AV Foundation, Open Al & Core Audio), Video (Core Media, AirPlay)

Database Management

SQLite, Core Data, XML/JSON, SOAP, Rest API etc

Location Based Services (LBS)

Location services (Core Location) & Maps (Map Kit)

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