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Each event needs a decent application – regardless of what the size, regardless of what your financial plan. Make an event application and convey the power of the world’s most effective event application platform to your conference, celebration or meeting. Agile Infoways offer a feature-rich Event service application to participants at event of any size. Web app development for Event Booking should get done only from the most famous and leading Mobile App Development Company.

User App Features

Discover upcoming local events and activities in your city, find events by category and browse trending events happening every day.

Events Listing

It will show list of nearby events. All Events are listed and user can filters by today, tomorrow etc.

Event Detail

It will show detail of the event like photos, organization, location. User will be able to select tickets, show comments and share event.

Buy Tickets for Event

User will be able to buy multiple tickets for him or for his friends or family members.

Events on Map

User can see all Events as a marker on one Map. User can navigate by Map.

Payments and Wallet System

User will be able to add his payment card details and pay using credit card. Secure algorithms are used for store payment details.

Send/Share Ticket to Friends

User will be able to share tickets to his friends or family members after purchase or during purchase.


User will be able to filter events by categories and dates and also be able to search event by name.

Attendees List and Discussion via Comments

User will be able to see list of attendees and also communicate with the organization.

Event Manager App Features

Event Manager for Organizers is an awesome tool for any event organizer who wants to manage their events easily and attendees on the go.

Upcoming and Past Events

It will show list of upcoming and past event of the organization.

Scan Your Attendee Tickets and Manage Check-ins

User will be able to scan tickets.

Real Time Statistics

User will be able to track sales with filter options. User can also tickets sold, check-ins and attendees.

Send Live Announcements to Event Attendees

User will be able to send event related message to all attendees.

Manage and View Attendee Details

User will be able to view attendees and check details of the attendee like ticket number, status, purchased by, etc.

Revenue Model

Sell tickets from your website with the help of our embed widget & share your event without difficulty on popular social networks.

Event Manager can promote event, so that will reach to more people.

Custom Event Application Development

Trending Application



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Discover popular local events, get event recommendations just for you, and see which events your friends are going to!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Create An Account? + -

To create an account follow the below steps –
1. Click on the Sign Up button.
2. You can select to either carry on with Facebook or Google+, or fill out the necessary information and click Sign up.
3. You will be required to check your email for confirmation.
4. Place your Confirmation Email and click on the yellow Confirm Email button.
5. On the website you will see a message saying the account was confirmed.
6. Click the Start Exploring Events button.

Can I Transfer A Ticket To Someone Else? + -

If you had already purchased tickets for an event, you can simply transfer them to a friend.
1. Login to your Account
2. Click on the Profile Icon
3. Go to My Tickets.
4. Choose the event you would like to send the tickets from.
5. Click to enlarge the event to view the tickets purchased on your account.
6. Click the Send button.
You can find friends or you can type in your friend’s email address and click Send.

Lost Tickets: Where Do I Find My Tickets? + -

Tickets are without delay sent to the email address you provided after purchasing. If you had not located your Tickets, use the below steps:
1. People usually assume we sell tickets to everything, but this is not the case as yet.
2. Ensure the spam/junk folder of your email account in case the tickets have been routed there by your email provider.
3. Do you have several email accounts? The general problem we have faced in entering an incorrect email addresses or forgetting which of their email addresses was used during purchasing, so make sure to check any other email accounts you may have used.
4. It’s always good to check your bank statement and confirm your transaction was completed successfully and the funds were taken from your account.
5. You can always login to your account and check your purchase history in the ‘My Tickets’ area. You can download any tickets you have purchased and print them again.

How to Manage Ticket Orders? + -

By using the Ticket Orders feature, you can accept offline payments while providing an electronic Ticket. You can collect this information alongside your online sales and keep track of payments.
1. Login to your Account
2. Click on the Profile Icon
3. Select the Event Manager
4. Search the Event for which you would like to manage your Ticket Orders, and then click Manage.
5. On your Event Manager Dashboard, click on the Manage tab, then on Orders.
6. Click on Add New Order
7. Complete the Add New Order form
8. Select Add Order to save your data

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