Benefits of Developing Campus Delivery Solution App

Easy food ordering

Get order status

Feedback & Rating

Search functionality

Nowadays the trend of food delivery app is growing high in the market. Every food or restaurant owner wants to develop an app for growing their customer base and to get huge business revenues. There are many such apps which deliver your ordered food at your door step. If you are also looking to develop an app like Campus Delivery Solution, Agile Infoways is ready to serve you with the best app development qualities.

Customer Application

Customer can order multiple orders from single store, if he wants to order from another store, then he have to start the ordering process again.

Browse Stores

Customer can browse for different stores using the search functionality which is provided in the app.

Order What you want

Customer can order multiple orders from single store, if he wants to order from another store, then he have to start the ordering process again.

Sit back and track your order

Customer can sit and track his order by viewing the app – Place, Confirm, Prepared, On the Way, Delivered, and Cancelled.

Rate your order delivery

Customer can add his reviews and comments on the basis of their experience.

Employee Application

Employee can handle the order process like accept and prepare order for customers. Only employee has right to verify or modify the order. Employee will notify customers using push notifications for the status of their order. Also, employee can see the history of all the orders.


Incoming order requests and order updates will be notified via push notifications.

Appropriate Role Based Employees

Preparation employees are only entitled to accept and prepare the order. Delivery employees are only entitled to delivery of order and receiving the payment.

History of Orders

All past orders will be displayed to employee to see history.

Accurate Order Management

Employee can easily manage different statuses of an order. Order status can be only modified by verified employee user.

Admin Panel

Admin of app can manage and view all the details of customer and employee from the dashboard. Admin can edit, update and delete any record and check the status of every activity going in the app.


Admin can manage every module of the app i.e. Customer and Employee.

Store Management

If anyone wants to open a store, he needs to contact the Admin as Admin have all the rights to add, edit or delete any person.

Order Management

Only Admin has the right to manage order and cancel the order placed by customer.

Employee Management

Employee can directly login in the app as Admin will provide them the login details. Employee can add and delete any record and can manage the full app.

Revenue Model

You can keep delivery fees for different categories of stores.

You can have advertisements of different stores and any other sponsors which will be displayed in the app.

Security Features of the app

Orders can be placed in the campus periphery only. No user can place order outside the campus geofence.

All payment related transactions are being logged in the database and database is being backed up daily.

Administrator will have all rights to monitor and control any users and orders.

Campus Delivery Solution App

Trending Application

Just plug your address into the app to connect with the best restaurants and stores offering delivery and pickup near you.


Yelp Eat24 food delivery, takeout and pickup


Order food delivery near you from the app that knows New York best

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How I can place an order? + -

To place an order, you need to go in the store section where you will find a list of different stores. From that list of stores, you can get the menu option and pick any items as per your needs. Add that selected item in the cart and place your order for confirm it.

From where I can place an order? + -

You can place your order when you are in the geo location of the app. If you are out of the geo location, then you will not able to place any order.

How do I track the order? + -

You can track the status of your order by going into ‘your order’ section and there you can see the ‘live order’ section. There you can see the current status of your order like, Place, Confirm, Prepared, On the Way, Delivered, and Cancelled.

How to make payment for an order? + -

You can do cash payment or else you can also use credit or debit card as our delivery boy will carry the card swipe machine with him.

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