Real Estate Software

    • Real Estate Software is a solution that provides application and web portal for high quality of services to the buyers or tenants in terms of providing them vast range of property matching their criterias that they could purchase or rent just by the means of mobile application.
    • It also serves as a platform for numerous Sales Agent and Property /managers where in they could sell or rent their properties and could view the analytics of the buyers and contact them.
    • By the means of this solution the buyers/tenants and sales agent are able to connect to each other and carry out real estate business from any point in the world.

    Must-have features to include in the Real Estate Software

    Property Listing
    List A Property
    Membership Management
    Buyer/Tenants Tracking
    Property WatchList
    Purchase/Rent Property
    Alert Management
    Property Marketing

    Sales Agent / Property Manager Features

    The System provides numerous sales agents or a property managers a virtual market to list out their wide range of divergent properties and sell them to plentiful genuine buyers for marketing, selling and contacting purpose which helps up in boosting up their business.

    Market Insider

    View the pricing and property offers of other buyers and property managers helping to get a study of the market.

    Property Analytics

    Get various analytics listing, reveals, watching, alerts counts and details of the various properties of the user.

    List a Property

    Add property for sale by editing the photos, specifying the map view and other specifications and pricing details.


    Change and upgrade the membership package to obtain various functionalities of the system.


    The authentication of the sales agent and the property manager is done by the phone number verification and certificate/license upload.

    Sign Up / Sign In

    Signing Up for a sales agent or the property manager is done by a 3 step process wherein they upload their personal, agency, login details

    Social Media Boosting

    Market your property on facebook and instagram to the citizens of that suburb by paying the marketing fees.

    Buyer Analytics

    Obtain the buyer’s analysis upon a property of how many times their property is viewed, starred, watchlisted and by which buyer.


    Chat to buyers or tenants instantly in order to negotiate about the property.

    Property Inspection

    Add details about the inspection timings and dates of the property listed.

    Alert Management

    Send Alerts to interested buyers of the property.

    Buyer /Tenant Features

    Real Estate Solution provides a system that lets buyers or tenants to have a look at a diverse range of property sold by numerous agencies and find their specified searched property which they wish to buy or rent by paying the agent online through the system in a very transparent and safe manner.


    Interested in a property? Add them to the watchlist and view related matches based on your watchlist.

    Live Matches

    Live Matches of the properties are obtained based on the specified and updated specifications.


    Have a one to one chat with the property Sales Agent or Property Manager into the application itself.

    Buy / Rent a Property

    The user is able to buy or rent a property by doing safe and secured online credit card through payment


    Receive notifications and alerts from the sales agent or property manager for various property offers and prices.

    Property Details

    View the detailed view of the property and like or unlike them in order to add or remove them from the match list.

    Search Specifications

    Minimum 1 and maximum 3 search specification details could be added by the buyer and tenants.

    Free Sign Up / Sign In

    The sign up of the buyer/tenant is done by 3 step process wherein they would specify their personal details and property criteria.


    The buyers and tenants are authenticated by the phone number verification.


    The Sales agent or property Manager could be contacted by email/SMS/Call.

    Admin Panel

    Along with the buyers and sellers, the real estate solution offers many management services to the admin users where in they are able to not only manage the users and properties but also have the statistics of their business and merchandise their products by notifying the users.


    Get various statistics of business,sales,rent and various users of the system.


    Manage various policy, terms and conditions, address, contact and support details.

    User Management

    Block/Edit the various users of the system and view their activities.


    Add, Edit, Delete the FAQs and videos that help in solving the user queries.

    Notification Center

    Send Notifications to all or selected users of the system.

    Property Listing

    Block/View/Edit the list of properties by the various sales agent or property manager.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Would I be able to profit with my Real Estate system if there are just a couple of agents using this product?

    Obviously, the Agents/Managers need to pay for continuing their membership after the trial period, if applicable. This can certainly be a good to have membership mechanism once the business gets a boom.

    What is the highest limit to build a customized coaching management system?

    We totally respect your necessities and we make full surety to work strictly and abide by all the deadlines which are set prior to begin the project.

    On the off chance if my application faces an error in the middle of the night then how to solve it?

    We esteem our valuable customers, and we never let you face any error by yourself. You are allowed to contact us on our mobile, mail or Skype. We guarantee that somebody will be there to solve your error ASAP.

    Can Manager chat with the Sales Agent?

    Nope, the Manager can’t send any message to Agent neither the buyer could chat with another buyer.

    What is Social Media Boosting ?

    Social Media Boosting is a mechanism where the agents would be able to post the adds of their properties by paying the marketing fees.

    What technology is used for payment transfer into the application ?

    Stripe payment gateway and APIs are used in order to provide secure and authenticated payment transfers into the application.

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