HR Cards

Mobile Application
The Challenge
  • To become a well-known app that provides around thousand words for HRCI and SHRM exams.
  • Help people to know words that may ask in exams.
Our Approach
  • Over 1000 HR specific terms that you need to know to conquer the HRCI or SHRM certifications, advance your career or ace that college course.
  • Click the category to give it a try and by pressing on the word you will see the definition. Indicate if you got the word or need to return it to the deck and try again.
  • Develop the app containing words as cards which are related to 9 categories and track the progress for each category.
  • Guess the word or definition and tap on card to see the answer, also show the progress on the graph.
The Results
  • 1000+ downloads from the AppStore.
  • More than 4.5 overall ratings.
Type of work

Branding, UX UI, Mobile Application


HR Cards

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