The Challenge
    • To build a web application that manages Claim System known by CMS.
    • To come up with a solution on that manages patient, doctor, claim status, account updates, agencies, and more.
    • A secured system that can only be accessed by authorized users for granted modules.
    Our Approach
    • We have used angular 6 to build admin panel.
    • Spring boot application for REST api is secured by JWT authentication.
    • Organized admin panel is made to manage with all information.
    • For additional security, we have OTP verification on every login. Correct OTP is used to access the application.
    • We used apache PDFbox to generate customized PDF as per requirements.
    The Results
    • User can easily fill up the Claim form & process further to agency.
    • Its cost-effective & helps to grow business by minimizing labour work.
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