Important Features of Payment Gateway Plugin

    Accept all cards
    On-site checkout
    Payment options
    Fraud protection
    Store cards

    Payment Gateway Plugin Development is a little tough task and needs to manage in the right ways. For this reason, you are required to choose the right Payment Gateway Plugin Development Company and get your work done in an expected manner. Agile Infoways is offering customized payment gateway plugin development solutions as per clients’ business needs.

    Admin panel

    Admin will manage the whole payment gateway plugin before he handover it to the client side. There are many important tasks which are being managed by admin in the payment gateway plugin. There are plenty of important features in the payment gateway plugin which are highly essential for the safety of customers’ as well as it will boost users’ trust on your website.


    Admin will enable or disable the payment option as per users’ business need.

    3D secure

    In this feature, the user will able to perform a highly safe and secure payment.

    Enable test mode

    The enable test mode feature provides full testing before we live the platform.

    Address verification

    Address of customers will get verified and if not matched with the customers’ payment details then the order will get canceled.

    Enable KOUNT service

    If the KOUNT feature is enabled then this plugin will check user card details before it goes to the bank.


    Admin will enable the tokenization feature to save the card details of the user as per customers’ requirement.

    Recurring payment support

    A fixed payment will get deducted till the user will stop the recurring payment option.

    Payment type

    There are 2 payment types i.e. authorize will check and place your order & authorize capture will verify your details with the bank and then place your order.

    Card Type

    A user can add different cards as per their business and these details will be added from the admin side.

    Revenue Model

    The payment gateway plugin provides a secure payment process when a customer buys any product from the e-commerce website.

    Security features

    • Payment gateway plugin has SSL security feature which provides a fully secured payment process that helps the user to protect their sensitive information.
    • Tokenization feature helps to save the card details of customers so that if the customer performs payment process again then it is not needed to fill card details again because his card details are already saved.

    Payment Gateway Plugin Development

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Will this support Subscription Product?

    Yes, this will support Subscription Product.

    What security features this plugin offers?

    This plugin offers 3D secure and KOUNT feature for the full secure payment process.

    Does this plugin is available in other platform rather than WooCommerce?

    Yes, we are offering the same payment gateway plugin development for Magento and Shopify platform both.

    Does this works with Major WooCommerce Plugins like WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Pre-Orders?

    Yes, we offer WooCommerce plugins like WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Pre-Orders.

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