Benefits Of Magic Leap Integration

    Magic Leap has gained much popularity in recent times and has hit the market by its digital usage. It has found an effective way to merge computing with the physical world. Furthermore, the technology can detect surfaces and objects. It can later be reconstructed. Magic leap comes with visual perception and Room mapping technology. Dive in to check its benefits:

    • Magic Leap is light weighted
    • It gives excellent comfort and attention
    • The computational power is great
    • Show objects in two focal planes with increase immersion
    • Optics are better than Hololens
    • It has excellent hand gesture tracking and eye-tracking
    • A Controller works as a digital hand to navigate the menu, interact and pinpoint.
    • Demos are like Helio and Tonandi

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    How AR/VR is Different from Magic Leap Integration

    The market for starters in AR/VR and Magic Leap comes with transparent lenses which allow the wearer to see both virtual objects and the world around them. Here, AR/VR project images onto multiple layers of waveguides and images appear three dimensional, but with Magic Leap integration, it does it in twice the layers. Besides design and functions, there are a lot of differences between Hololens (It’s a combination of AR & VR) and Magic Leap.

    • In Hololens, the computer is integrated into the headset whereas in Magic Lead it isn’t so lightweight.
    • HoloLens relies on voice and gesture commands. Magic leap makes extensive use of controllers.
    • One of the greatest limitations is that Magic Leap is a snug fit in which one can not wear eyeglasses underneath. But it’s possible to insert a prescription lens or wear a contact lens.
    • Magic Leap is cheaper than the HoloLens, which cost more than $3,500 for a device without accessories.

    Magic Leap Features

    Audio & Media

    Watch and listen to real and virtual sounds at any time with Magic leap. Attach realistically sound from spatial audio to a virtual object. For example, if any evil runs behind you, you’ll hear it before you see.


    Get Social with friends and office colleagues with live meetings. Example, have moonwalk across your coffee table, allow astronauts to float around your room, move around space seamlessly. Have lunch with friends in NY without leaving your room.

    Developer Tools

    Magic Leap Toolkit:

    There is a super hand pointer build to provide the same solution as a computer using physics concepts. Two hands can also be used to manipulate contact. There is Playspace which simplifies according to room geometry. You can mark corners to outline a playspace. Confirm area after the Playspace is outlined completely.

    Design Of Magic leap

    Magic Leap has used more than just a human-centred design approach for designing. The mixed reality of design principles includes specialized audio, embodied interactions, room-scale experience, persistent virtual objects and other immersive social presence.

    Few designs are outlined as:

    • Use the strengths of the medium
    • It gives excellent comfort and attention
    • Respect reality
    • Sharing is caring
    • People come first
    • Get engaged in senses

    User Experience

    • People have a new medium from where they can gain further information. From unfamiliar input to feel real and distracts heads. With Magic Leap, explore the space by introducing new experience and user behaviour. Good design will attract users and can interact with each other. Magic Leap helps you to travel the world and build systems that work well for you. Example, if you drop a rubber ball and it bounces off other objects, make noise and roll under the table.
    • Magic Leap uses clear, consistent and meaningful symbols to give excellent user experiences. It provides the user with the room to move and interact with their surroundings. To provide significant visual effects, it serves its purpose by offering magical pixels that seem real in the world. With the presence of digital content, one can dramatically heighten the sense of reality. The audio and media cues are powerful. With spatial cues, users can get the best visual experience. Magic Leap allows you to touch an object, control it, play and operate as it’s a real object.

    Industry We Serve

    We have specialization in serving various industry verticals whether they are start-ups, small companies or huge enterprises.

    • Healthcare / Medical
    • Education / E-Learning
    • Ecommerce
    • Social Networking
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Food & Restaurant
    • Fitness
    • Retail
    • IoT
    • Manufacturing
    • Energy
    • Travel & Hospitality
    • On-Demand Solutions
    • Real Estate
    • Logistics & Distribution
    • Gaming
    • Construction

    Technologies We are Working With

    • Native Android
    • Native iOS
    • IONIC
    • Unity
    • SWIFT
    • KOTLIN
    • Objective C
    • Java
    • Android NDK
    • Angular JS
    • React JS
    • Vue JS
    • HTML 5 / CSS 3
    • Node JS
    • Python
    • GoLang
    • Java
    • PHP
    • .Net
    • ElectronJS
    • Ruby on rails
    • MY SQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • MONGO DB
    • Dynamo DB
    • Apache CouchDB
    • Redis
    • InfluxDB
    • Elasticsearch
    • Firestore and Firebase
    • MariaDB
    • SQLite
    • Unity Editor
    • Eclipse
    • Visual Studio
    • Netbeans
    • IntelliJ
    • Xcode
    • Adobe XD
    • SKETCH
    • Photoshop
    • After Effects
    • Illustrator
    • Maya and Max
    • Paypal
    • Stripe
    • Google Maps
    • Twilio
    • Wowza
    • Google Analytics
    • Sinch
    • Selenium web driver


    What is Magic Leap Technology?

    Magic Leap is an American startup company that released a head-mounted virtual retinal display named Magic Leap One. It superimposes 3D Computer-generated imagery over real-world objects by projecting a digital light into the user’s eye.

    What does Magic Leap do?

    There is officially not much information known. But we can say that it’s head-mounted using augmented and virtual reality devices. Magic Leap comes with two pairs of cameras which track eye movement and the current focus. It is said to be realistic, and the glove interacts easily with virtual objects. This virtual world can be viewed by multiple users connected via a server.

    What is the mission behind Magic Leap?

    Magic Leap is a technology that is developed for mixed reality devices and is designed to provide innovative ways for users to interact with virtual images in the physical world.

    Why do you have to submit a free app to Magic Leap World?

    As we know, Magic Leap is the future of computing, and as a part of it, we may be curious to lead the way. Help everyone to explore Magic by sharing creation and get advantage with your application

    Is Hololens better than Magicleap AR glass?

    Both work better in one or other way. Magic Leap is slightly cheaper compared to AR glass. People most of prefer a lighter weight approach and so using Magic Leap would work better. Magic Leap gives better FOV, better environment reconstruction, and the team pays more attention to design and its infrastructure.

    How can Asset Maintenance benefit from Magic Leap?

    As Magic Leap is an active, lightweight and comfortable HMD, it will benefit users in finding the missing link between asset operations and predictive maintenance.

    How Magic leap scaled customer experience?

    Magic Leap is using slack and Zendesk to provide cloud-based desk solutions. Before this, we can integrate the tools and support customers by receiving requests from the developer community to update tickets.

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