Hardware Design Services

Any electronics product in real world need extensive work on hardware design. This service is executed to complement the embedded systems designs and development services provided. This Embedded Hardware Design includes micro-controllers, microprocessors, sensors, power supply, etc. From concept to hardware selection and to make hardware block diagram is most crucial part in design process. We provide MCU based design services from specifications to prototype integrating parts. Our hardware designer team also take care of EMI analysis with hardware design so there is no need to revalidate design for suitable compliance.

We Offer With Following Integration

IoT Gateway Diagram

IoT is a large frame consist of four classes of registering gadgets – sensors, doors, servers, and process control. Sensors measure the condition of a framework, portals accumulate information from the sensors and forward it to servers, and the servers dissect the information and make process control alterations. The IoT gateway, therefore, serves as a wireless aggregation point that collects IoT sensor data.

Multilayer PCB design (12 Layers)

For small and medium scale circuits, only two layer PCBs are enough. But in case of complex and big circuits, wiring occupies more space on the board.

to save the space

to improve assembly density and

to increase the area available for the wiring

Multi layer PCB is a PCB with more than two layers. Here, layer means the conductive material which is buried in the center of the insulated material

Advantages of multilayer PCBs

Increased in flexibility

Considerable saving of space

Reduces interconnection wiring harnesses

High assembly density

Reduces overall weight

Product Certification and Compliance

Independent product certification is a great marketing and sales tool that Identity Management Institute offers. The objective of product certification is to confirm    that products

Meet the vendor’s specification claims, and

Address key global standards and best practices

Product Certification Benefits

Improve products

Increase brand recognition

Educate users about security

Ensure stated product specs map

Validate performance

Gain customer trust

Increase product’s credibility

Comply with regulations

Validation by an independent party

Promote products

BOM Optimization

Our design and manufacturing system are often tasked with part suppliers, engineers, manufacturers and a plethora of other folks outside of our in-house design team. Of all these various moving parts involved with creating the end product, you’re lucky if you only have three different languages to be aware of by the time you look at the bill of materials (BOM).

Review of design

The embedded processor have growth rate far exceeds than traditional computers. Embedded System also characterized as real time systems, it means that they have real time response like time analysis and allowing review of hardware design to ensure with its quality & functionality.

3D model of PCB board

The he current 3D renderings are great & it's just a initial step to go ahead with. Increasingly complex enclosures will require more advanced 3D capabilities. It won’t be enough to just put a flat PCB in a box and see that nothing sticks out. Such kind of things asks for automatically generated model.

Flex board designing

Today, innovation patterns are progressively toward flex circuits or a blend of inflexible flex circuits for wearable/IoT PCB plans. You can state those patterns put us on an alternate balance, in a manner of speaking. Subsequently, it's imperative to understand new structure phrasing and things that should be calculated in as you move to this next dimension of implanted plan.



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