Cloud-Based Social Event Hosting App

    Cloud-Based Social Event Hosting App


    A creative application added to both Android and iOS app stores, that lets customers and restaurants connect, in order to plan food and events for friends, relatives, and family, anywhere at an affordable cost.


    Our USA based client quoted an idea of developing a multi-platformed event management application. They wanted a team of developers, for designing an application split- one for the users and another one for merchants with an additional wallet management feature. With this application, the client wants to provide a platform in which users can easily celebrate events at restaurants or even at home.

    We understood the complete idea and then proposed a hybrid cloud-based solution for it. Among all the hurdles, the prior challenge was managing the applications simultaneously on both the merchant and the user end. Also, this app required a large and scalable database for the user base along with a strong backend. Thus the challenge included maintaining and handling the user request without interrupting the performance of the application. The last hurdle was to maintain the wallet of application, integrating PayPal in the app with security.


    Our team understood the problems that were needed to overcome while development, and thus bid purely cloud-based solution. We prepared an AWS architecture at the initial phase of the app designing and then began with the execution of API protocol using AWS gateway for communication purposes.

    • The necessity of application for both user and merchant was to have reliable, fast, and concurrent backend, therefore, picked up Node JS for REST and Socket based web services and APIs.
    • In order to store the information of both users and merchants such as personal details, events created or hosted, bookings, chats & messages, and offers or deals we added a scalable and reliable no relation database- MongoDB. MongoDB provides faster results.
    • To keep the record of the event history, the implementation of a log account is performed. Within the Log account, there exist Account Baseline and Cloud Trail & Config logs. This log account will allow us to keep track of events created, hosted, and even booked by the user and vendor.
    • Developers also added a feature in the application for both the user and the vendor in which one can upload pictures and videos. And to keep those files on s3, implementation of the Amazon S3 bucket is accomplished.
    • Apart from storage and resources, M4 EC2 instance acts as the backbone of the application. It searches and then retrieves the data from the different locations of the databases.
    • Developers code and upload the source code on GitHub private repository and AWS Service Catalog to keep a track of the changes made in the application. Thus, the implementation of M4 helps in fetching the data from anywhere (GitHub) via AWS CodePipeline.
    • Now the application features also involve the wallet management system. In this app, the user will get the wallet option and one has to keep a balance of the minimum amount for the event, restaurant, as well as food booking purpose. Thus, an integration of PayPal is performed.
    • After the integration of PayPal in the app, processing payments safely was a big part to handle. Thus, to keep the entire payment system safe and secure, developers executed AES – 256, an encryption algorithm for REST API call which deals with payment, payment, and card details are saved on PayPal system itself.
    • Note: We do not store any card information on our system.

    Solution Architecture


    Result :

    The Cloud-Based Social Event Hosting app, as an event management platform will provide both the users and merchants an easy opportunity to manage any parties easily at an affordable price on both the Android as well as iOS platforms.

    Beneficial for both users and vendors, as one end as user one can create an event, bid the restaurant, chat, and message directly with the managers, according to offer boosted by the merchant. On the other end, a merchant has multiple options too, such as customized marketing, various preference of booking seats, active engagement with the user via customer access.