Case Studies


Step 1

The Challenge

  • Effective communication system for customer and caregiver.
  • Secure platform with tracking system for showing available caregivers.
  • Real time Management for effective booking process as per customer desire.
  • Location tracking, call or chat with your children anytime.
  • Payment system through customer’s credit/debit/master card.
  • Payment should be done after the job completion to avoid loss to the caregiver.
  • No other booking by the customer till the previous payment is done.
  • Once the payment done then customer can continue with the booking process.
Step 2

Our Approach

  • Effective admin panel in back-end to handle everything.
  • Socket.IO for real time data handling.
  • Native Socket.IO connection to receive and send booking request instantly.
  • Push Notification to alert the user.
  • Quickblox integration for chatting.
  • Stripe integration to accept payments securely from anyone, anywhere.
  • Stripe provides security and compliance without the headaches.
  • Socket.IO provides an event-oriented API that works across all networks, devices and browsers.
  • It’s incredibly robust and highly performance for multiplayer games or real time communication.
  • Multiple communication features such as one-to-one messaging, push notifications.
Step 3

The Results

Great Achievement We’ve Desired For

Finally we have developed the app through which the customers [parents] can hire the caregivers for their child / children and can get help to maintain care to the other loved one(s). As the working parents need a little extra help with their children to maintain stress free environment.



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