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Wearable technology in the tech industry is a very hot topic and driving serious attention as well. Analysis and predictions represent that wearable market is on the rise and completely profitable. Whether it is smart glasses, the smart watch, fitness tracker or wrist bands, wearable devices is making a massive impact. This is a smart technology and it’ll be the key to operate individual’s future smartly. It’s a time to make new things possible with the wearable technology.

Wearables in Health Care

As human turn out to be more dependent on technology, technology turns out to be more critical for human being’s health. It’s a major thank you to IoT (Internet Of Thing), people can now monitor their health without the requirement of a doctor each single day. The upcoming big revolution in healthcare & medical fitness industry will bring incomparable gadgets that you’ll be wearing.

Smart contact lenses:

These are the glucose-sensing lenses which are assembled to measure glucose levels in the tears by utilizing a chip. It will prompt another path for individuals with diabetes to deal with their disease.

Wearable pain relief patch:

CUR – the first smart pain relief band-Aid to wear to manage and trackBack/Neck pain, Arm pain, Leg pain as well as Muscle Soreness in your body. The device is easily adjustable and completely effective.

Smart watches:

Smart watches are able to monitor your vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure, your stress level, your sleep patterns, give alerts to possible oncoming heart attacks and strokes, inform you that you need a doctor to be checked out yourself, etc.

Smart Socks:

Its allow users to manage their running techniques in real time as well as monitor heart rate. Its a truly wearable system for runners. Socks comprises 3 thin, soft textile pressure sensors. It’ll help a runner to improve their running form and performance.

Smart fitness bands:

Its a wearable wristband which has a built-in heart health sensor to measure and track your heart rate when you are working or relaxing. It represents detailed picture of the calories you burn through each work out of the day.

Electronic sensor tattoos:

These tattoos are able to measure skin hydration, temperature and any electric signals from muscle and brain waves.

Wearable gadgets empower users to passively track their health data 24/7. Wearable health devices could be utilized in just about any clinical trial to get more precise data from patients at any time of day when they are performing any sort of action.

Wearables in eCommerce

In the eCommerce space, Wearables are adding significant economic value as well as becoming the hottest brands to watch for.


Even though these wearable devices are completely handy and very tiny in size, they help users in sending and receiving e-mails. It will facilitate users to operate different emails every day. It’ll be very helpful to update the customers on the regular basis through emails.


With this feature of wearable technology eCommerce merchants will easily able to deliver more personalized customer experience. Different updates can be sent to users based on their exact location. Notifications will likewise be based on their shopping habits and demands. This will enhance user’s buying experience as well as helps retailers to store payment information.

Native eCommerce App

Download eCommerce App and wearables will enable you to stay up to date with notifications rapidly. These devices also inform you with the location-based discounts and different offers.

So all you have it. Wearable tech gets to be famous or not, it is still remains to be seen. But those eCommerce merchants who concentrate on how to improve user experience will advantage the most from the customers.



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