Apple Company is ruling the market since many years and the competition is always hard with Google Company. But still iOS is much superior to any other mobile operating system as it provides the top most features that amaze people.

There are many mobile OS present in today’s time like Android, iOS, Bada, BlackBerry, Symbian, WebOS, Palm OS, and more such. Mobile app development is escalating at a speedy rate as people are going mobile and prefers smart devices to refer different things online.

Here is the list of some of the top iOS apps in 2016:
  • 1. Snapchat
  • 2. Facebook Messenger
  • 3. Pokemon Go
  • 4. Instagram
  • 5. Facebook
  • 6. YouTube
  • 7. Google Maps
  • 8. Pandora
  • 9. Netflix
  • 10. Spotify music

In the last few years, the market of SmartPhones is speeding and people are adopting it at a very huge level. Today, our society is becoming more sophisticated and modern by adopting current technological solutions. This is definitely changing the whole market scenario and raising the bar of success in today’s competitive world.

Let’s see what iOS will show new to its users in the 2017 year:
1. iOS Enterprise Applications

iOS enterprise applications

Huge enterprises are booming with the high usage of mobile applications. We all know that mobile industry is moving with the high demand of mobile application in the market. iOS applications always delivers the best impact on its users and helps employees to communicate efficiently. iOS apps are specially designed to increase sales and business revenue at a high level. In this year, the impact of iOS will become huge in the enterprise sector with a different app’s approach.

2. Swift Coding

Swift Coding

Swift is a powerful programming language which developers love to use for iOS app development. The reason for using Swift language is that it offers a wide range of frameworks and different coding methodologies. Swift language works on latest compiler infrastructure which is used for writing trustworthy code with Xcode tools. Apple’s Swift Programming Language is emerging as a new technology providing many interesting and simple ways to developers for coding purpose. There are a lot of advantageous points of using Swift language like it’s very easy to use and has navigable learning curve.

3. Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is an emerging technology which has been used by people since many years. But a huge boom is going to see in this technology in the coming 2017 year. Now, developers are focusing more on new emerging technologies and focusing to invent some unique and attractive app focusing on iOS platform. With the Beacon technology, mobile app will make a huge contribution in delivering the best apps for people.

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is making a huge impact on the grounds of IT fraternity as its impact is very high. Augmented reality and iOS apps merging with GPS technology is offering a variety of services to the users. Augmented reality is changing the whole gaming industry with its strong impact evolving with the mobile apps. 2D and 3D games are getting more attraction from users as it provides huge security and interactive functionality.

5. Growing Impact of Artificial Intelligence

impact of AI

Artificial Intelligence is an amazing market and will grow beyond imagination in the coming years. Now, with the huge AI impact, iOS will join hands to bring some awesome results for users. iPhone and iPad apps will boom with awesome apps that will leverage user experience. iOS 10 with new features will rule the market by joining Artificial Intelligence.

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