As the trend of mobile is exploding in the world, people are expecting more and more for the mobile app development company. The development strategy for developing an app is also becoming very easy for the skilled developers. In today’s time, every business sector has its own app for the ease of people. But with the increased technology trends there is a full necessity to keep yourself updated and use the best technology for the need of app development.

New year rises with the increase of new app development trends & people are focusing the year 2016 as the best one for facing more competitive apps. Day by day we are becoming fully dependent of mobile apps. But apps help our work gets completed with a single tap on your mobile. It is also noted that about 48 percent of people use mobile for internet surfing and doing shopping.

Following things that will come with the app in the year 2016:

Apps security will get more enhanced

It’s noted that above 70 percent of mobile apps gets the failure because of their bad security features in 2015. Developers are doing hard work for avoiding this factor and trying to make it more compelling according to user’s need. If we see Apple then we will come to know that iOS 9 has brought several options for the security purpose. We are sure that Apple will make more improvements in the year 2016. The high-end security features of the iOS 9 are already very powerful and this gives full ease for developers to make more enhancements. On the other side, Android Marshmallow 6.0 is providing the best security features.

Apps will move towards cloud-based technology:

The cloud-based technology was in trend in the previous year 2015 and it will get continued in the year 2016 for the mobile application development. Cloud allows the mobile apps to keep the actual size for their mobile apps. Also, you can manage all the issues that are related with the memory and bandwidth. You can sync the app across different devices and this is possible because of cloud compatibility. Smart devices & wearable tech growth are expanding and cloud-based technology is taking it higher. With the cloud compatibility, developers can develop different apps with same features that will run on all platforms iOS, Android, PCs and that too with the same functionality.

Rapid Mobile Application Development:

Businesses are getting fully dependent on the SmartPhones and Mobile apps and this is the reason apps are introducing in the market day by day. People are accessing things in a comforting manner using their phone and the Internet. In 2016, it is suspected that apps development will get increased and more ideas will come out for the mobile app development need. Various tools & frameworks are introduced in the market for the crafting of mobile apps. Developers are ready to work with full consistency for fulfilling user’s demand.

Internet of Things will overlap the market:

Internet of Things has become a huge thing in the Google Glass, iWatch, and wearable techs. Now, IoT is undertaking App development for the rapid and advanced growth that will make people tension free. The market of IoT has reached up to $19 Trillion and it is assumed that it’ll grow more 31 percent in the 2016 year. Internet of Things is an immense market because of which business ROI is expected much more. The whole thing depends on the way of developing apps that are based on IoT.

Enterprise App will get a Boom:

Apps are getting a boom in the market, the estimated figure which was calculated in July 2015 is approximately 1.6 million apps are present on the Google Play Store and around 1.5 million apps are present on the Apple Store. It is said that the figure of apps on the app store will increase continuously. Enterprise apps are booming more in the market due to the business promotional need. It is estimated that till 2017 the demand for enterprise app will turn five times more than now.

M-Commerce, Payments and Mobile Banking:

The idea of doing payment using SmartPhone, tablet and Apple Pay will become common in the coming years. People are easily using M-Commerce and feeling no hectic deal in accessing Internet payment process for transferring funds and doing payments. This is a great news for developers as they will get more chances to develop a unique app for transferring money in a better and faster manner.

Quality User Experience and App Analytics:

Mobile devices & mobile applications are still new in the market, as the huge businesses are collecting big data that users interact with the new technology. This type of user analytics will boost the technology in the future time. With the increase of mobile usage, the need for the apps is increased a lot in the technology based market.

More Cross-platform Tools for the App Development:

Apps are famous and worthy if they run on various platforms. People are referring such types of apps that will run on all platforms. This called as cross-platform tools that make an app to support different technologies and platforms. In 2016, developers are trying to put their efforts in making every app cross-platform.

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