Why User Hate and Uninstall Your Mobile Application? Know Some Reasons

    • February 20, 2016
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    Mobile Applications are becoming the heart of SmartPhones to access various things without any problem. It is very important for the app developers to know the user demand and maintain that flow in a consistent manner. Competition is large and people need to do something really unique for getting more & more downloads.

    An app will be considered as the real hit only if it will get downloaded by the user & after the installation process user uses it without uninstalling the app. It is an understandable situation that not every app satisfies every single user, sometimes it does not work according to user demands. This is one reason for uninstalling the app and user does it frequently when he finds the app of no use.

    We always talk about what to do for developing a best mobile apps, but we never talk about what should not do for preventing your app to get uninstall by a user.

    Below are some important reasons because of which a user uninstall the app

    False Impact of the App:

    After referring the app’s features, name, and icon, a person installs an app. After using the app, if a user didn't get convinced with the app functionality, then he will feel frustrating and will end it by uninstalling that app. Also, it will make a huge negative impact of the app on the market by the mouth publicity. This may harm your app reputation among all people, which can turn into a big loss.

    App Works Taking Huge Time or Gets Crash in Between:

    After installing the application in the SmartPhone, a user will expect to face a fast and smooth experience while running & accessing the app. The user’s patience level is very low; if they will not find your app worth it, then they will hardly take a second to uninstall your app. To avoid a big loss after doing hard work in the app development process, it is important to test your app before you launch it in the market. You should check for all the bugs and errors prior to app launching.

    Battery Consumption:

    A user always needs such an app which is efficient in all the aspects. Battery consumption will not at all tolerate from people because of the application. As already people are facing battery consumption in their SmartPhones because of the various background functions working. If this will happen, then a user will force to uninstall the app.

    Tons of ads in the app:

    It is true that with these inner ads in the app, people can earn more. Developers keep this thing in their mind while the app development process and insert different apps. Users also understand this, but when the ads will interrupt the apps access, he will definitely get frustrated and will force to uninstall the app.

    Taking Personal Information without Permission:

    Most of the applications take users personal information and run the app. But it is essential to take user's permission before you access their private data. If this happens, then the user gets angry and goes for uninstalling the app.

    Bulk of Notifications:

    Notification is the best medium to keep the active interaction with the user & know his feedback about the app. But when the motive of sending notification changes & gets converted into unnecessary bulk notifications, then users gets frustrated with this & uninstalls the app. So be aware with the notification sending to the user.

    Login Process takes too much time:

    Usually, the login process is required for taking general information of the user and many applications use this process before they allow a user to access the app. If the procedure is long and time taking then a user will definitely get irritated. This will result in the uninstallation of application by the end-user, So just make sure that your app doesn't ask for the long form filling process and that too taking a long time in the login process.

    User Experience is the key towards app's success:

    In an app, UI/UX design are the most important features which are needed to get applied in the best ways. An app required the best UI and UX for gaining user’s attention. Also, it is important to keep the simple and clear navigation in the app. When a user will use the navigation in the app, he should be clear about the direction and functioning of the application. If he didn’t find anything convincing and gets confused while using the app, then definitely deleting the app is the last option for a user.

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