Why People Uninstall your Mobile Application? Here are Top 5 Reasons

    • August 22, 2017
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    Living in the realm of technological luminosity, mobile apps are basic to the practical part of a SmartPhone. Designed and developed to lead differed tasks, they are intended to simply all the tasks. They are developed to create income; thus, the developer needs to ensure that individuals continue their engagement with the application. Truth is, it should give out a significant purpose and fulfill needs that drive the customers to stick. In any case, it happens that the mobile users tend to uninstall the application after one month of usage.

    Applications are developed after a lot of research and study. A ton of planning goes into making an application. Likewise, various tests are directed for due diligence. Despite this, 60-88% clients uninstall your application in 90 days of downloading. So where your app goes wrong? With a specific end goal to redress the mistake you initially need to discover the explanations behind uninstallation. In any case, certain elements include boosting your application performance and need the most extreme monitor.

    There are various reasons why individuals uninstall your mobile application. By knowing these reasons and addressing to them in an effectual way, one can boost the success ratio of their mobile application.

    1. Technical Issues in the App

    Most of the users really hate slow performing apps which make them irritated and in a second they will uninstall your app. An application that takes too much of time in loading or crashes again and again will be instantly uninstalled as it might ruin the SmartPhone also. In the 21st century, Millennial wants everything to load quickly and accessed quickly. When this requirement doesn’t get fulfilled then people will immediately look for another app. Thus, test your application before launching and continue measuring its execution and performance time to time.

    2. User-Friendly Mobile Applications

    Mobile application engineers in some cases may go over the edge in showing their ability by making complex plans where the client does not have ready access to the data and needs to go looking for it. On the off chance that the client finds the application bit confusing, they will uninstall the application. So the most excellent solutions are to keep it basic, easy to use and most importantly user-friendly.

    3. Size of your Mobile Application

    There is an application for everything whether it is shopping, banking and finance, hotel reservation, flight booking and so on. Most of the SmartPhone users have different apps on their phone which occupy a lot of mobile space. That’s why the size of an app is very important and developers must focus on this point. You can reduce the size of an app by compressing the photos your app has.

    4. Privacy Concerns in the App

    The mobile application asks for all type of information before you install the app. In some apps, it happens; they might ask you for such information which has no relation with the app that you are installing like for example, your personal videos, photos, messages, and contacts and so on. This is not something that users don’t allow to access as this is something their personal information and will call for immediate uninstalling that app. That’s why it is important to keep this privacy concern factor in your mind while developing the app and ask for only that information which is required for only that app.

    5. Complicated Sign-up Process

    Customers never wish to experience a lengthy and monotonous sign-up process. That’s why it is the best solution to allow them registration from Facebook or Google account. The mobile application must have simple and trouble-free registration process otherwise customers will take one second to leave the app.

    Appropriate study of the market will get a full understanding of the client's choices. When you realize what makes the clients uninstall your application, you will be in a position to make improvements and serve them better. Taking input from clients can likewise be helpful in making timely amendments and upgrades to the particular mobile application.

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