Usability Testing vs. Customer Feedback – Which One is More Imperative?

    • October 10, 2016
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    For any businesses who are building a new website, the terms usability testing and customer feedback is important. There are number of different interpretation of user experience that go ahead to the different scopes of evaluation. The definition from ISO recommends that, measures of user experience are related to measure satisfaction in usability. What most app development companies are mislaid is that the person who will ultimately going to use the application will be different from the ones who are doing payment for it. When finding a gap among available resources and quality of the ending application, one can tend to begin with making an app on the basis of how customers want it.

    Usability testing helps to understand what the end-users are anticipating from the services you are offering. Usability may seem like advanced science but it’s fairly simple. It need not be costly or tedious & need not to bother about complicated setup. Many times, usability testing can be very simple like just making a phone call, Skype or discussion on Hangouts. Sometimes it needs to gather people and ask them to execute a task. If you have your wire-frames, you can generate prototypes, share it and monitor users by assigning them small tasks to complete the prototype.

    On the other hand, customer feedback strengthens customer bias rather than offering any approaches for step up. There are some other aspects as well on why you should go with usability testing compare to customer feedback for successful delivery as well as long term customer relation.

    Feedback from customers is varying forever. They have different suggestions for an app they want to create. When customer makes a proposal he tries to include as much as he/she can. That generates uncertainty and disorders of priority. This creates multiple iterations during the process of product development. Usability testing absolutely resolves this trouble. It will aid a long way to freeze features & design patterns as well as user interface. As this feedback has derived from users directly, customers will not be able to flourish them off simply.

    Cost of app development has considerably goes down with the swift app development technology. Everyone is capable to deliver the same application at very viable rates. In this era of the competition, usability testing can be your exclusive differentiator in the process of making awesome experiences.

    Once you have performed usability testing in one of your projects, it turned into an advantage for you & enhance your awareness. You can utilize these references when you are making a proposal. Rather than representing the final output of past projects, you can also represent results of usability testing.

    With customer feedback, you have to perform too many surveys within very short time period. Sending surveys too frequently can annoy consumers and lead to customer burnout. You can also face privacy issues while managing feedbacks.

    Usability testing includes different components such as Efficiency, Learn-ability, Memorability, Errors as well as Satisfaction. Individuals concerned in the usability testing are required to have abilities such as patience, listen to the ideas, openness to welcome any idea, and the most significant of them all is that they must have good technical skills of observation to fix the problems.