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    iOS 9.3 updates – New Features have added more Flexibility for iPhone and iPad Users!

    • January 22, 2016
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    iOS 9.3 is likely to get introduced in the market for iPhone and iPad users, but it will take a little bit of time. With the rapid increase in the technology trends, the scope and usage of new technology are exceeding rapidly. Each and every single day is bringing some new features or enhancements to the Phone’s Operating System. Apple is continuously looking forward to making new introductions in the market for people’s ease. You had seen the market it is getting higher speeds and because of this reason, people are adapting themselves to learn the new things.

    Mobile dependency is increasing a lot & people are moving towards it for facing tension-free services. As you know that the market of iPhone and iPad is very famous and because of that people expect improvisation on the latest version or upon iPhone which they are using. It's expected that iOS 9.3 will get introduced soon in the market and people have already done so many predictions about the new version. The demand of the people has been always large & to fulfill that demand obviously there is the requirement of experienced developers.

    iOS 9.3 will come up in the market, having the new brand features for the people’s needs. This is the reason for which people prefer iPhones over any other mobile. A lot of improvisation has been done in the iOS 9.3 version and also it has added new features in. The new features of iOS 9.3 are as under.

    Night Shift Mode with Temperature Control

    This feature provides great ease to all users as it makes people forced to get sleep at night. This is possible with this new feature because it changes the color of your phone’s screen by sensing night and day. The color of the screen will become blue in the morning and it will start changing with the orange as night will come closer. This lets you know that it’s time to get sleep on time. This new feature is present in the iOS 9.3 version and you will find it in your iPhone in the "Settings Menu" under "Display and Brightness". Using this feature, you will be able to take good sleep.

    Password Protection for the Privacy in the Notes

    Now you can protect your notes using the password facility. You can set a password on the note for the privacy concern and keep it protected or else you can use the Touch Id for the same concern. You will get this option from the Settings Menu => Notes => Password Protection. With this option, you can open a Note and select the share icon and after that go for "Password Protect Note". You can also sort the notes list with the Dates Edited, Title, and Date Created.

    3D-touch shortcuts for the Stock Apps

    A new feature called 3D touch is introduced in the latest iOS 9.3 version for the shortcuts of the stock apps. Stocks have also given the new looked with the search option and in the app store, there are also some options added. With this new change, there are new shortcuts for the stock apps that you can access through your fingertips, and this way there is no need to open the full app.

    News has increased Personal Recommendations and the Gesture of Ads

    In this version, Apple has brought some additional features in the news section as it will suggest to you the better stories which they think you will like. Also, they had made improvements in the form of giving ease to save, like, dislike stories, or you may also share it.

    Save a version of the live photos

    With iOS 9.3, you can make duplicate photos using the Photos app & is useful for making live photos into normal photos for sharing purposes. The process starts with selecting the live photo – sharing the icon – selecting Duplicate. Following this procedure, you can pick the Duplicate photo as the original photo for the normalization process.

    Wi-Fi will let you know the Data usage figures

    With the newly updated iOS 9.3 version, people will get to know about their data plans usage. Connecting with the Wi-Fi will let you know that how much data you had used or using the phone and when the speed is low it will connect you with the phone data plan.

    Sync PDFs in iBooks with iCloud

    iBooks has added more ease for people to read and keep the selection of the books on their iPhones or iPads. This new version lets people sync the PDF files with iCloud and because of this, there is no need to buy books from Apple’s store. You will need to enable this option as soon as you upgrade to the iOS 9.3 version on your phones.

    New Health App’s are introduced with the iOS 9.3 Version

    With iOS 9.3 versions you will be able to concentrate on movements, like exercise, standing time, and other health concerns. You will be able to face all the facilities if you have an iPhone and installing the health apps will make the whole process easier for tracking and analyzing data.

    iPads for the Education Purpose

    iOS will help students to face various facilities like iPad for students in a classroom, Apple ID manager, Apple School Manager. All these features are specially designed for educational purposes and for the ease of students and teachers. Now with the various classroom features, teachers can keep an eye on their students and also keep the record with the Apple ID system.

    News that you want to read

    News app is introduced for reading the whole news at one place on the Apple iPhones and iPads with the new iOS 9.3. It will help sort the best news and articles that will attract users to read. This will also increase the speed to watch videos and read the news.

    Improved and updated CarPlay with enhanced tunes

    CarPlay gets updated adding the new features in the car for the entertainment need with the Apple Music and Maps. You will be able to select your choice songs and also according to the artist. Also, the new version will help to find the maps and fuels and other different services.

    Innovative and Smart tools for Teachers

    iPads have added more flexibility and ease for teachers to teach students with the help of it giving many options that are effective. The different features that iPads have added are like teachers can track their student’s iPad for seeing their progress graph. Apple is also doing more efforts for introducing the Apple IDs that will manage by the school administration for a better education system.

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