The Scope of Social Media Applications in the Upcoming years

    • January 5, 2017
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    Social media apps have always been a strong part of the IT market. When the name social media comes, the first thing everyone thinks is of Facebook which is the most famous social media platform all over the world.


    It has always been observed that with great and powerful social media apps, you can reach more and more audiences and grab people’s attention. We faced a lot of attractive and usable media apps in 2016 year, yet there are more changes to come in the social media apps in this 2017 year.

    Major highlights of social media apps in this New Year 2017

    1. Different Standards for Visual Content –

    Content is always the superior factor when it comes to any type of promotional activity. Streamed content varies on different factors like device screen resolution, bitrate, and frame rate. The app controls the bit encoding which includes bit per sample rate, bit encoding that works in a simpler manner. Having an effective app for your business will always make a strong impact.

    2. Netflix App –

    Netflix app is useful for streaming content for viewing audios and videos across mobile devices. The quality of the video is maintained from various things like screen size, resolution, aspect ratio. Screen resolution always varies as every device has a different screen size on which the code is built for display and network connection. Developing a cross-platform app is beneficial as it will run on all the operating systems.

    3. Virtual reality in media apps –

    Media apps are adopting virtual reality for making advancements in this field. The world is changing by adopting current technology changes which include 3D view experience that comes from VR (Virtual Reality). As Daydream and Google Cardboard are taking the market away with high-end technology, the expectation becomes very high with the media industry to match the same level using VR. There are many media apps available in the market who is aiming to provide an immersive view when joined with Virtual Reality gear.

    4. YouTube and Virtual Reality (VR) –

    YouTube is a tremendously famous media app which is used by more than millions of people worldwide. It always runs with a 360-degree video channel for facing the best viewing experience. Using Daydream, Cardboard, or Oculus, you will face such a screening experience which will be very delightful to the eyes. Applications with VR experience are developed using Virtual Reality gear and users can face this experience by using game apps, virtual classrooms,s and more.

    5. Video content apps have become audio-visual learning assistance –

    The old concept has again arrived in the market which we all had faced in our childhood of Audio Visual sessions. But now, with advanced technology trends, the television screen has been replaced by SmartPhones. Media apps are playing a vital role in providing interactive learning education to kids which are incorporated by parents and teachers in a school. Virtual Reality (VR) is contributing a lot to improvising the level of education by providing the best virtual class for programs like space explorations, surgical processes, and many more such.

    The entertainment industry will raise its standards in the year 2017. VR (Virtual Reality) will add new features and aspects on the grounds of the media industry. The whole concept of media apps will change in this New Year as the reach of content apps will change by adding new standards and quality measures using VR and even other domains.

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