Safari Technology Preview – Web Browser by Apple for Developers

    • April 2, 2016
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    Apple has long-drawn-out its efforts in the field of web development by just releasing a latest version of Safari web browser. It is explicitly designed and specifically intended to help web developers in their development processes. It's known as ‘Safari Technology Preview’ web browser which enable web developers to acquire an early look at upcoming latest web technologies such as cutting-edge layout technologies, visual effects, different tools of development & many more.

    Apple is planning to implement this in OS-X and iOS to facilitate developers perform different experiment on new technology. As a result, Apple will get quick feedback and come to know earlier what changes are necessary to deliver more precious outcome.

    Safari Technology Preview can run besides the currently existed Safari browser. It also provides the ability to developers to set it as the default browser of their machine. It comprises storage of localized data for the concerns of bookmarks, history, cache and cookies. Synchronization of browsing history as well as bookmarks on iCloud is also supported by the browser.

    If we talk about the icon of Safari Technology Preview, it is designed to resemble the Safari icon but it is in purple shading rather than blue. It helps to differentiate from the shipping version. The existing form of Safari technology Preview contains a few JavaScript upgrades, improvements in HTML and changes in Web Inspector.

    JavaScript upgrades
    • ECMAScript 6 support with lexical scoping, arrow functions, generators, iterators, default parameter values and number of new built-in APIs
    • Superior standards compliant IndexedDB support with additional strength
    • Added the B3 JavaScript JIT compiler with low-latency as well as high-throughput that improves performance
    • Included the capability to utilize document.execCommand('copy') and document.execCommand('cut') in response to a user gesture to copy and cut text programmatically
    Improvements in HTML
    • Latest implementation of the Shadow DOM specification
    • Included support for Content Security Policy Level 2
    • Changes in Web Inspector
    • Included memory summary and JavaScript allocations timelines
    • Included a fast JavaScript sampling profiler
    • Enhanced JavaScript profiling timeline view
    • Behavior Changes
    Included many web compatibility fixes and bug fixes

    Apple already has Nightly builds of WebKit- the open source browser engine which runs on number of devices as well as empowers Apple’s Safari. However, accessing these builds requires a bit more effort than making use of new Browser. As an alternative, with new one, upgrades are shared every two weeks by means of the mechanism ‘Mac App Store software update’. It implies that there is a less hurdles to run a browser which features the cutting-edge technologies in the matter of web development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as Web-Kit.
    Developers are also interested to come across what is coming out with the latest version. This includes a variety first-release features like,

    • ECMAScript 6
    • Updated Indexed DB Implementation
    • Shadow DOM
    • B3 JIT JavaScript Compiler
    • Support for programmatic cut and copy to the clipboard

    Safari Technology Preview is present on Apple developer website. It will obtain regular updates through the Mac. There is no necessity to register yourself as a developer to download the version. Apple is also inspiring web developers to make use of Bug Reporter to give comment about Safari technology preview to tell them what is working and what is needed to be improved.

    Amazing features:
    • Run side-by-side with safari
    • Offer response and feedback
    • Preview the latest web technologies
    • Access powerful developer tools
    • Surfing flawlessly with iCloud

    Individuals who are enthusiastic about technology can also grab different benefits of Safari, even if they are not falling into the category of web developer. The browser offers cutting-edge web technologies which delivers real consumer advantages that you feel when you utilize the website.