Pros and Cons of Manual Testing vs Automation Testing Tools – What to choose and why?

    • July 27, 2015
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    It has remained a question for long which testing method to opt and when. Here is the end to that dilemma. See, how the clear differences point to one single name.

    Manual Testing is Exercising & Evaluating the software & software components to verify that it satisfies specified requirements or to identify the difference between Expected and actual results.Automation is the use of tools or software so as to execute tests as needed and thereby detect errors. It is done based on algorithms and programs where the query is set and fired as many times as needed.
    Whenever you need to test the Smoke and integration testing of any web or mobile application, manually you can do it with ease.Automation can be used for analyzing the Performance
    Test the implication of some very short modules quite less number of times.When a number of users interacting with the system are plausibly going to increase, automated testing can simulate it all.
    UI TestingScalability
    Functionality testing of any web or mobile application.Automation requires checking the test cases with record & run feature through the scripting
    Only testing skills are neededKnowledge of using automated tools plus testing skills are required
    Accurate except in cases of human errorAccuracy depends only on the accuracy of Tools
      • Integration Testing: Testing a combination of different modules.
      • Ad-Hoc Testing: Purpose specific testing where the method is not strategic.
      • Regression Testing: Checking system when one module affects another. This is done after solving bugs.

    In general, automated testing wouldn’t make sense for short-term projects because the upfront cost is too high. In addition, if you’re testing for things that require the human touch like usability, it’s better to have a ‘human’ tester.

    Companies that have little expertise in the area are also recommended to begin with manual testing. Once the team has mastered testing risks and test coverage, they can then move toward automation considering the prior mentioned facts, go for the best choice.