Predictions Digital Marketing Strategies – What to anticipate from online marketing in 2016?

    • December 28, 2015
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    As 2016 is quickly approaching, its time to assess what will going to happen in the online world of digital marketing. Constant revolution require marketers to adopt cutting-edge trends of the market on the go. Various changes have affected online searching in 2015. so its time to transform your marketing materials and leap into the digital age.

    • Virtual reality will become a revenue generator by emerging in a big way. It will become more than a marketing tool.
    • Wearable technology will become a retail phenomenon. More products will connect users to their health, clothing, technology, media systems and families.
    • Social robots and autonomous machines that interact and communicate with humans by following social behavior.

    The peer-to-peer sharing economy has grown rapidly: Different opportunities

    Digital marketing is not only about the challenges but opportunities as well. With digital marketing you will be able to reach a much larger market by moving from local thinking to world-wide. You can also scaling and amplifying your efforts with latest technology. It also delivers measurable results from data that reveals what is working out and what is not.

    There are also some facts about Digital Marketing such as,
    • Budgets are double for the social
    • Content marketing strategies are accepted by the 50% companies
    • Blogs will going to influence compare to magazine
    • Email without subject line will be open up more than those with a subject line
    • Facebook is a king to gain number of new customers

    The utilization of mobile will continue to grow over desktop in the upcoming year as well. There are different search marketing trends that will definitely going to ruin your business if you are not get updated with it such as,

    • You need to think global instead of local
    • Mobile will be your first focal point
    • Powerful digital platforms for any sort of business
    • Online influencers and niche bloggers now offer targeted global audiences
    • Mobile applications for each single businesses
    • Wearable technology will be every where
    • Grow of social media with paid advertising
    • Customer CRMs and digital marketing automation software (InfusionSoft, OntraPort, HubSpot and Marketo)
    • Email will continue to deliver its dominance
    • Videos will get more attention
    • Infographics is already on the top for the selling purpose as it provides interactive content.

    Marketing industry is completely dependent upon the ever changing behavior of people. To gain success out of it we at AgileInfoways perform,

    • Analysis on past marketing trends to check out where we have been
    • Differentiate impressive practices from buzzword hype
    • Incorporate proven marketing trends into your strategy
    • Take a deep dive into the upcoming trends

    In today's arena SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very vital thing and we understand that. So we deliver ground-breaking strategies for the optimization to our admired customers in each corner of the world. We deliver amazing tactics for content marketing, SEO, e-mail marketing, Social-media marketing and much more. Online marketing solutions conveyed by the AgileInfoways assure to attract, engage and convert your fans and community to customers.

    2016 will grow further with mobile and app utilization as smart devices is the excellent tool for user interaction. One thing is beyond any doubt that 2016 will think about the exciting new open doors in digital marketing era.