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    • November 21, 2015
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    Its time to party for all the Drupal developers around the globe as Drupal 8.0.0 is now ready to amaze with great features. Drupal is one of the far-famed Open Source Content Management System in today's business sector. There is a very high ratio of universal websites which has built upon a Drupal platform and its working very amazingly till now without any hurdles. It is largely utilized and very well recognized in each corner of the world because of its numerous benefits.

    There are approx 200 new features and improvements in Drupal 8 which will definitely going to win the hearts of web developers and users as well. It will going to offer several new ways to customize and expand your website content to the World Wide Web. Users can easily take advantage of new capabilities to showcase data on mobile devices. Just because of cutting-edge OOP (Object Oriented Programming) approach in the back-end, there is something useful in Drupal 8 for individual to love.

    What Amaze you with Drupal 8.0.0?

    • All the built-in themes in Drupal 8 is responsive by default.
    • Different admin pages are just a click away on mobile devices.
    • You can translate anything with built-in UI.
    • Get software translation updates automatically from the community of Drupal.
    • Configuration management track all the important details.
    • Keep your configuration data in the files which is separated from the production data in the database.
    • Deliver support to access standard technologies.
    • Provide centralized control for rich internet application.
    • Implements cutting-edge HAL (Hypertext Application Language).
    • Deliver end-less possibilities.
    • No need to use the whole editing form to make editing as it Offers in-place editing of content.
    • Draft saving is easier than ever.
    • Represent Content wherever you want and how you want.
    • Comprise fully flexible, fast and secure template engine.
    • Make designs beautiful and eye-catchy.
    • Make the functionality easier of every Drupal site.
    • Views- A Drupal add-one is now built into the core CMS and it is greatly integrated.
    • User can customize the front page, admin pages, listing blocks and actions.
    • Follow Industry Standard Approach by making features much more modern and object oriented.
    • Comfort with numerous external libraries.
    • Allow you to add more fields into your content or forms and make customized contact forms.
    • HTML5 perform major role to make website fully functional with mobiles.
    • Deliver proper native input tools on mobile for fields like date, e-mail and phone.

    US, UK, India, Germany, Australia Canada, Belgium, France, Netherlands and many more countries are there which have contributed to Drupal 8.0.0. A big thank you to approx 3,000+ people who have contributed to the code-base of Drupal 8 as well as mentored contributors, found sponsors and hundreds of others who perform usability tests and different awesome things that made Drupal 8 outstanding.

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