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    How to Develop Cross-Platform Server-Side Web Applications with Node.js?

    • January 13, 2016
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    If you are looking for developing server-side web applications then stop hunting! As your hunting stops when you meet the Node.js platform. It is an open-source as well as cross-platform runtime environment which is required for crafting server-side web applications. Usually, all the applications of Node.js are written in JavaScript that will run within the Node.js runtime.

    Runtime Environment + JavaScript Library = Node.js

    The invention of Node.js was done by Ryan Dahl in 2009. At first, Node.js was providing support for only Linux. But later with day-by-day improvements, Node.js has become the most wanted one for developing various applications. As of now, it supports all these platforms OS-X, Linux, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, IBM AIX, Non-stop, IBM I, and also on IBM System z.

    Node.js is used by the following ones:

    • IBM
    • Microsoft
    • Walmart
    • Yahoo
    • Groupon
    • LinkedIn
    • SAP
    • PayPal
    • Rakuten
    • GoDaddy
    • Voxer
    • eBay
    • General Electric
    • Uber
    • Wikipins

    The use of Node.js offers an event-driven architecture with a non-blocking I/O API design for modifying an application's throughput and its scalability for all the real-time web applications. Google v8 JavaScript engine is used for executing the whole code of Node.js. A built-in library is present in Node.js that allows all applications to perform as a stand-alone web server.

    Usage of Node.js in the perfect manner with different Technology Partner:

    • Data Streaming Applications
    • I/O Bound Applications
    • JSON APIs based Applications
    • Data-Intensive Real-Time Applications (DIRT)
    • Single Page Applications

    Where it is not preferred to use Node.js?

    It's suggested that you should never go with the usage of Node.js in the CPU Intensive Applications. Various Features of Node.js:-

    1) Asynchronous and Fully Event-Driven:

    All the APIs that are made using the Node.js library are asynchronous i.e. non-blocking. It states that a server which is based on Node.js will never wait for an API to returns its data. As the server will move to the next level API when it will get call and notification of events of Node.js that will help the whole server to get a response from the API call from the previous one.

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    2) Tremendously Fast:

    As the Node.js library is built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine and this is the reason for the tremendously fast execution of code.

    3) Zero Buffering:

    There is no bufferingcss for any data in Node.js because all the data output comes in chunks.

    4) License:

    MIT license has released the Node.js.

    Below are some Real-Life Examples for Building Applications with the Node.js:

    • Your Personal Chat System
    • Remote Control for accessing Cars
    • For Game Playing such as Pokemon
    • Remote Control For a Computer
    • Collaborative Drawing Tool
    • Craft your personal Hangout
    • Desktop RSS Reader

    5) Extremely Scalable with Single Thread:

    Node.js utilizes only a single thread model & that too with event looping. The server reacts in a non-blocking way with the help of an event mechanism and this will make the server become highly scalable conflicting with the traditional servers that create threads to handle requests. It uses a single thread program to provide service for the bulk numbers of requests as compared to traditional servers like Apache HTTP Server.

    6) Node.js and Chakra:

    In the year 2008, a new JavaScript engine was introduced in the market names CHAKRA. The need to develop a new engine was realized among people only to make the performance faster and in the best possible manner. Chakra has the potential to provide the best assistance for the need of hardware. Chakra has a multi-tiered pipeline which supports interpreters and a multi-tiered background known as JIT compiler. This has a traditional mark with a sweep garbage collector for doing concurrent & partial collections.

    Major benefits in Business Sector with Node.js for Application Development:

    1) Quick Invention and Conveyance:

    The expanding rivalry between adversary web organizations, the pace of conveyance, and the capacity to repeat are the key attributes of business sector pioneers. In this aggressive situation, responding to end client needs, fusing their input into the offering, and conveying upgrades and changes routinely is vital.

    2) Focus on making Developers Happy:

    As the demand for web developers has been increased in the market it has become very difficult to find a dedicated and talented developer for crafting a fantastic web application. A talented and enthusiastic developer will always do much more effort in a creative manner for producing a unique application or software for user's needs.

    3) Simple to Gain Attraction and Hold the Expert:

    It is said that with Java you can develop anything, any desired application. But it is also noticed that unless the technology is interesting or innovative developers won't get any interest in working on that technology. Developers always need such technology which gives them full chances for crafting new things and that too in a simple and fast manner.

    4) High-Performance:

    Node.js always provides the best performance in terms of its productivity. If we take an example of PayPal, then according to its report it is noted that it has double the number of requests per second and reduced the response time by 35% or 200 milliseconds.

    5) Simple to Make Changes and Hold Up:

    Node.js is providing the easiest way to develop new services that are being introduced in the market on demand of various users. As Node.js is growing with its functionalities and ease to work with it, people are moving towards this and using it for crafting their applications. With the help of Node.js, you can develop various small applications avoiding one large application. Because if you will need to add new functionality that you can make it without going into the deep code.

    6) Productivity:

    All the programs of Node.js are developed by using JavaScript, in between front-end and back-end developers silos are existed that will break down and this will make the whole development process give the best results. With the help of Node.js, it is very easy to merge web and backend teams in one unit that will make all the things more efficient. Node.js totally avoids dependency management with the package management system called NPM. The Node.js's Packet Manager handles a wide number of modules that have a vibrant user-land like growing fast over 60,000.

    Node.js Application Area:

    • Payment Processing
    • Enterprise Web Service
    • Media
    • The Internet of Things
    • Social Media
    • E-Commerce
    • Real-time Services

    The Rise of Node.js is Perfect for Enterprise App Development

    How will you justify this statement which states that - Node.js is superior to all other Frameworks?

    The main thing which differentiates Node.js with other frameworks is that Node.js uses a single thread and has an asynchronous architecture. As other web technologies are multi-threaded having an asynchronous architecture which results in blocking the threads when it waits for the reply from the database. Node.js has an asynchronous design which allows tackling a huge number of concurrent connections and that too with high throughput with a single thread that makes it highly scalable. Node.js can provide high-performance & scalability for the cause of developing various applications.

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