MongoDB NoSQL – Top Database Solution for Improved Data Management

    • March 11, 2016
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    Today's techie world of application demands rich and dynamic data structure, quick response time as well as easy scaling to coordinate the ever changing business and customers’ needs. When it comes to select database software for your project, there are varieties of choices for you. Database is term utilized to describe an organized collection of data where data storage, retrieval of transactions, issues or any other aspects of data is normally carried out by DBMS. MongoDB is a one of the finest NoSQL database that shrinks all the traditional table based databases to summarize feature-rich document structure. The NoSQL database enables faster and easier data transactions and hence it is designed for the larger data storage applications.

    MongoDB is an open source software that comes under the category of “Document”. It assists to build mobile application faster as it make utilization of tables rather than stored procedure. In MongoDB, data or records are known as documents & the documents are stored in a format of binary JSON (BSON). In a schema-free database system such as MongoDB, the key names you choose can have a good impact on the final size of collection.

    There are number of advantages of MongoDB:

    • MongoDB is document database in which one collection hold different documents.
    • Number of fields, content as well as document size can be differing from one to another document.
    • No complicated joins.
    • Structure of a single object is very clear.
    • It is very easy to scale.
    • Supports dynamic queries on documents using a document-based query language that is nearly as powerful as SQL.
    • Make use of internal memory for storing the working set.
    • Enable faster access of data.
    • Conversion of application objects to database objects is not require.
    • Data is stored in the form of JSON style documents.
    • Replication and high availability.
    • Rich queries.
    • Index on any attribute.
    • Fast in-place updates.
    • Professional support by MongoDB.

    With the utilization of MongoDB database structure, integrating data into applications becomes very smooth and quick. MongoDB 3.2 is the latest version of the database which is currently exists in the market. This version is the improvement that takes place over prior version 3.0 and summarizes some features as well as tools. It can be very helpful to the database analysts & operation teams to easily work with and integrate database with their currently existing procedures. Development of MongoDB database for the enterprise will be beneficial as the latest version conveys great features such as,

    • MongoDB Compass- Highly dynamic graphical tool that serves capability to the users to easily discover the database without any concerns regarding security.
    • It offers connector that is a valuable function for the business/data analysts/executives to explore and achieve insights from cutting edge technology by making use of BI tools.
    • With the MongoDB 3.2 User Interface (UI) is improved and becomes more freely-flowing.
    • Latest version is fully equipped to satisfy each single critical need of users by adding storage engines to the already existing engines.
    • Encrypted storage engine enable enterprises with best facility to protect their confidential data.
    • In-memory storage engine is also added to the 3.2 version to deliver high quality performance, different functionalities and data safety; all together for the user easiness.

    With such interesting features MongoDB database development will definitely cater all the requirements of organizations or database analysts.

    When should it be Preferable to use MongoDB?
    • Mobile and social infrastructure
    • User data management
    • Big data
    • Data hub
    • Content management and delivery
    What is Trending in MongoDB?
    • Senior executives from tech giants alongside managers of financial services infrastructure are plan to distribute keynotes addresses at MongoDB’s annual conclave in June 2016.
    • There are number of sessions which are announcing for MongoDB world 2016 in New York City.
    • Alpha DAO is a tool utilized for data integration with MongoDB.

    From the latest generation of NoSQL database, MongoDB as well as Couchbase server have appeared as the two most admired options. Both are intended to manage the semi-structured data found in today’s enterprise cloud computing as well as IoT deployment, but their architectures are different in significant ways.