Mobile Website or an App? Which one simplifies your business goals better?

    • February 23, 2015
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    Started a new business? Want to reach out to maximum customers? Well the best way in this digital world is through internet. As we're living in the world of smart phones and internet where most of the work can be done through a simple touch of fingertip it becomes important for any new entrepreneur to create a mobile website or a mobile app for his business.
    The doubt that still remains for most of such entrepreneurs is that, should they go for a mobile website or a mobile app? As its the start of their business they need to spend minimum & extend maximum. So creating both mobile website as well as app would be a secondary option and creating any one will be primary.

    Here we try to differentiate between a mobile website and mobile app which may be helpful to the emerging entrepreneurs.

    Personalized Experience

    A mobile application gives user a more unique and personalized experience. The other merit is that you can have a access to user's location as well as other details which becomes very difficult with mobile websites.

    When there is no internet access

    An internet connection is must for either a mobile website or an app. But app do hold a slight advantage over mobile website. An offline app can still show information related to your business in absence of internet access which a mobile website can't. For instance, if you have an e-commerce business, the mobile app can still show the list of products if not purchase them, in the absence of internet access.

    Content Sharing

    One more thing you need to take note is content sharing also becomes very important for an app. The amount of content shared will also decide the amount of interaction user can have with the app. The app that you make should not be only well designed but also user friendly in order to gain maximum popularity in minimum time.

    Financial Advantage

    A small financial advantage you can have while creating an app is that you may get your cost reduced as you are asking the developer to put maximum services at once.

    Mobile Store

    One more major advantage you can have while using the app is that you can keep your app on a mobile store where you can share the details about your app. And also your app will start getting noticed more once it starts getting good rating points and reviews.

    Except for the above listed points there is also a need of strong market plan and in depth knowledge of from where the maximum traffic is coming from. This also becomes a major factor in deciding whether you are going for a mobile website, an app or both.