Mobile Apps for HealthCare Industry – A Beneficial yet a Simple way to Access Various Health Requirements!

    • February 19, 2016
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    In today's technology-based world, SmartPhones has become an important part of people’s life. The use and need of mobile phones have increased a lot among all people. Mobile has added more flexibility in the life of people as now in each and every field apps are evolving to provide the best experience. Apps have reached every market spreading full ease of accessing various things through your SmartPhone.

    Taking about the healthcare industry, apps are now making their place in this field. With the help of mobile healthcare system and mobile apps, the whole process of interacting with the doctors has turned into a simpler process. Developing such apps, developers had proved that nothing is impossible and every single idea of developing apps can turn into a real one.

    Healthcare apps are performing many different important tasks, like:

    • Health Record Maintenance
    • Information Management
    • Communication with Doctors
    • Consulting the Expertise Health Professionals
    • Management of Patients
    • Monitoring Patients
    • Clinical Decision Making
    • Training in the Medical Field
    • Reference and Information Gathering

    What are the real benefits of using healthcare apps?

    There are so many benefits of using a health care app. They are listed below;

    • With the healthcare app, people can reduce the cost of visiting doctor’s clinic every time. As after one-time checkup, you can connect with the doctor through an app.
    • These apps are helpful to track patient’s record in a detailed manner.
    • Using the healthcare app, people can set reminders for their pill taking time, and can manage their medical records, post-visit instructions and many more such things.
    • Healthcare apps reduce patient’s time and doctor’s time as there remains no need to visit doctor’s clinic every time. This app provides all the information regarding your health concerns like your reports, the medicines and much more things. All these information you will get directly on your mobile phone with the help of a healthcare app.
    • With the help of this healthcare app, you will able to set instant appointments with doctors for the check up need.

    Below is the list of all usable healthcare apps:

    • 1. QxMD Calculate
    • 2. Ambulatory
    • 3. 3D4 Medical
    • 4. Neuromind
    • 5. iRadiology
    • 6. referralMD
    • 7. Micromedex
    • 8. UpToDate
    • 9. Johns Hopkins ABX Guide
    • 10. Red Cross First Aid
    • 11. MyChart
    • 12. Epocrates
    • 13. Doctor on Demand
    • 14. GlassesOff
    • 15. SkinVision
    • 16. ZocDoc
    • 17. Medscape MedPulse
    • 18. CareZone

    We had developed so many healthcare apps for our valued clients. Like, the list is;

    • Lifestyle Drugs:

    It is an online pharmacy store which distributes drugs from a well-known pharmacist. This store has designed to improve the pharmaceutical business. Using this store, you will always get the high-standard drugs. On this website, you will get the prescription from a licensed Doctor.

    Various Features of Lifestyle Drugs Online Store:

    • It has numerous categories.
    • It has top-class drugs.
    • It has fixed package price.
    • It has all the information about the pill with price.

    Apart from Lifestyle Drugs online store, we had also designed other online stores & apps which fall in the healthcare category, They are;

    • eCare Community
    • Home Care Pulse
    • TritionRx
    • Health Hero
    • Med Salesforce

    AgileInfoways is working hard to make their clients satisfied in all possible ways. We have a team of experienced app developers with us who is proficient in completing their task in a good manner.

    At AgileInfoways, app developers are dealing with both platforms Android and iOS. We have expertise in developing apps for both platforms. We never disappoint our clients on any point as our work style is flexible and up to the client’s mark.

    Our app developers always match the given deadlines avoiding any kind of delay in the project. We keep consistent communication with our client & keep them updated on their project.