Mobile Application Pre-Launch Strategy – Improve the Quality of Your Deliver-ability

    • May 16, 2016
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    The most thrilling and the scariest time in the life of a business person is when they are going to launch their fresh-out-of-the-boat application for the customers. As the quantity of applications in the market place is increasing like never before, the difficulties for app marketers keep on growing. There are bunch of things one have to concentrate on before they going to launch an application. In most of the scenario, individuals don't give needed weight on market researching process because they think it is waste of time and money; it won’t deliver any noteworthy ROI.

    Here are some pre-launching strategies they might assist you to outshine your app on the market place.
    • Perform analysis on your competitors regarding which channels they are using, which keywords they are targeting, what strategies they are following and many more.
    • Don’t go only with the targeting high traffic keywords; make use of relevant keywords as well. It will help your application to rank on the top position.
    • Analyze feedback given by users of different apps. It will assist you to improve features and marketing strategies of your application.
      Discover & think about the potential customers. Focusing on their requirement would really help you to grow your user base before app launching.
    • Break down your targeted audience into different groups will help to focus on niche audience individually.
    • Separate list of first time buyers and repeated customers will help you to identify particular need of users.
    • Discover the best channels to promote your application.
    • To get good download, paid acquisitions should not be ignored.
    • Generate a pre-launch page before you launch your app into the market area.
    • Make use of friend circles to refer your application.
    • Create a content that is user engaging.
    • Schedule a real world event as it is one of the great ways to get engaged with people.
    • Allow limited beta testing.

    If you're not investing your time in the process of market research or do not have feedback loop, it might happen that you’ll not get expected downloads. The main mistake most app entrepreneurs make is that they want to try everything during the launching process. There are number of things you need to avoid.

    You're not able to concentrate on every social media accounts at once. So just go with the one social channel that worth for you.
    • Submission of your application to different review websites and delivering payment to get site reviewed.
    • Sharing your application in developer forums or group.
    • Purchase of burst campaign.
    • Purchase incentivized downloads.
    • Replace of reviews.

    Since the origin of digital marketing, the number of startups has been booming each single day. There is a storm of fresh applications, new solutions, new sites and e-stores that are striking online. There are number of individuals who are constantly trying their luck with real world businesses but they are not aware about the different strategies that help before launching a business app. So follow some tips of pre-launching that will impress everyone.