Mobile App Marketing Plan

    Essential Mobile App Marketing Plan for Startups

    • April 30, 2020
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    After every year, thousands of mobile apps enter into the app sector and compete for a pivoted top 10 list. Mobile App Marketing mostly relies on app user engagement to grow startups with increased market competition. According to the Market research Future, there are over 65% of brands that own a mobile app. Note that developing a mobile application is one thing and launching it to market is another. But the Good News is here, and you’ll find more ways to connect with the audience and increase the lifecycle of your mobile app.

    Once you are done with building a mobile application, you need to sit back and relax. Watch your app to reach the top of the list, isn’t it?

    Well, the answer is No, your journey as startups start from here. The road to reach on top is quite bumpy, so you need to take practical steps for mobile app marketing. Here’s the guide to get you on the right path by retention of your application.

    Get to know how the mobile app for startup businesses works.

    What is Mobile App Marketing?

    Mobile App Marketing has become an essential part of getting your application in front of your target audience and driving active users. It uses in-app conversions for your startup business. If you want to see a countless number of competitor apps, then open Apple Store or Google Play, where you can find the app visibility.


    Let’s jump into the essential Mobile App Marketing guide after successfully launching your app

    Mobile App Marketing Techniques

    1. Understand your Target Audience

    It’s a core point for any developer to know its audience. Before developing a mobile app, you need to pick the audience and understand them thoroughly. Besides this, it will give you a chance to figure out the structural behavior of your application. So, eventually, you can save your money and time for app marketing.

    2. Research your Competitors

    After understanding your audience, now it’s time to know your competitors. Competitors would serve a similar purpose as they are targeting the same audience. So, here you need to check out what they are working on and what marketing strategy they are following. Based on this, you need to figure out a unique and improved mobile app marketing plan that distinguishes from others.                                       

    3. Do Early Marketing

    Make sure you start building a marketing strategy before building and deploying the mobile app. Just as we release trailers before the picture is released, we need to create a marketing strategy that leads up actual app development for a simple reason. One can include a video that describes the app development schedule that can incorporate app teasers to your marketing campaigns.

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    4. Prepare a Press Kit

    Depending on your budget you can prepare a press release which is for the pre-launch and official launch. Running a press release can increase awareness about your product and will build a reputation. One can also prepare a press kit that adds core features of your application which help users to reach out to you.

    5. Optimize your App’s Page on App Store

    50% of the apps are downloaded while surfing over the App store. Many apps come with the same purpose, so people choose based on the content and layout of the application. Therefore, you need to optimize your application to stand out in the crowd.

    6. Prepare a Demo

    As we know that humans are visual creators, and anything can stay longer if your app got into their head. Here the best practice of creating awareness is to prepare a demo by creating a video describing your product. Upload on your website, inside your app, and various other social platforms.

    7. Incorporate Reviews

    We can call an App store a jungle of apps where thousands of amazing apps are stored in it. If any customer is confused in choosing the app, the best way they’ll prefer is by checking out the reviews added to individual accounts. Reviews enable you to build trust and transparency to strengthen your application.

    8. Build your App’s Online Presence

    One needs to expand the online presence over various internet platforms. No matter how amazing and great features you have added in there, online marketing is a must. Build your app popularity by providing links to your app and get more user engagement.

    9. Optimize your SEO

    We need to use a strong SEO strategy that involves keywords in your app title and descriptions to bring more traffic to your application. Any search engine can take time to rank new content, so make sure you use the right keywords and accurate statistics.

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    10. Use Influencers

    30% of the people download applications while they see the recommendation from social media influencers. As we can find a broad audience over social media endorsement posts can work well over here. Eventually, your product can be picked by millions of offline and online users on social media platforms.

    11. Monitor your App Performance

    Once you launch your application, you can track and monitor your app performance using KPI metrics. The indicator of the app would help in gaining insights into your application with ease. A few of the top tools used over here are Datapine, Tableau, Scoro, and InetSoft.

    12. Optimize your Monetization Strategy

    After deploying your app to market and fixing each bug, you can start earning from your mobile app. App monetization can use a user base that leverages the way of making money by using it. If you’re want to earn using Mobile App, feel free to check this out guide to make money with free apps.

    Mobile App Marketing Strategy


    The following are the list of the mobile app marketing tasks that leverage the development phase, pre-launch phase, and launch phase.

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    Under Development Phase

    • Make it easier for people to share your app and refer your friend
    • Implement right mobile app analytics and measure behavior
    • Enable push notification to engage users
    • Enable app feedback mechanism
    • Announce future app updates
    • Encourage customer ratings

    Pre-Launch Phase

    • Create a branding style for your application
    • Create a landing page that explains the value of your mobile app
    • Create a demo video to make user excited
    • Create a PR to convince a journalist
    • Create a social media or blogging influencer list
    • Create social pages and post regularly

    After Launch

    • Host a launch party for your team
    • Install Ad-Campaign
    • Create business cards with QR codes
    • Update all touchpoints like Email signature, social profile
    • Submit your app to reviewer site
    • Check your App analytics and improve over time


    Hope the above pointer would help you market your mobile app in a better way and help you stand out in the competitor market. Moreover, you can borrow ideas from various industries to market your app. Check out a few of the innovative mobile app marketing strategies from a big brand.

    • Tinder created a dating app by creating a gamified user experience
    • Avis uses applicable influencer marketing to garner 57000 new app downloads
    • Starbucks got 21% of their transaction from mobile by using a loyalty rewards program.

    So, it’s simple you do not need to add sophisticated marketing strategies or a high budget to market your application. If you still are facing problems in choosing the right mobile platform for better marketing, then check the ultimate guide for Mobile App Development or hire a mobile app development company you offer the best services at affordable prices.  Connect with us.