Everything about WatchOS 7

    Everything you want to know about watchOS 7

    • August 11, 2020
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    Casually speaking, what is a watch used for? Timekeeping? Yeah, everybody knows that. What about an early time Smart-Watch? Calculations and game playing were all that is provided with.

    But what if it could help to call your friends & chat with them or beep you about your current meetings, track your activities, pop up the social network notifications, tell you the current weather conditions or allow only anything you could do with your handy computer.

    In this age of innovations, Apple, the biggest consumer electronics company, has portrayed its skills and shown some handy devices. Known by the name iWatch, this product holds no bar and has come out with its best; with the increasing competition, all the huge companies have their products advertised before the audience, but iWatch has the stimulating factor within a glimpse of the device. Build an On-demand application with great functional features by bringing users and providers together.

    At WWDC 2020, Apple announced watchOS 7 by offering the developers and Apple Fans what’s new in their major OS update. Apple revealed that for the very first time, a watchOS 7 will start its beta version publicly. WatchOS 7 is all set to introduce exciting features and how to use Apple smartwatches. Previously we have rumours about new health tracking but now as Apple has revealed amazing sleep tracking and fitness features into watchOS 7. It comes with more effective health tracking options.

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    What are the release date and availability of watchOS 7?

    Based on precedent we can assume that the next new watchOS 7 will come in late 2020, i.e. possibility in September. This is when we are expecting an iPhone 12 launch at the same time. Due to this pandemic situation, Apple has pushed back its launch, and now we could probably see the launch of watchOS 7 later in the year 2021. Also, the beta version is available, and one can download through Apple’s developer’s website for watchOS 7.

    What are the WatchOS 7 features?

    1) Streamlined Complications

    It comes with complications that allow devs to enable multiple faces. Create your custom selection by making your ideal face watch. In watchOS 7 you can easily share watch faces using this new feature and click the button prompt and download the face.

    2) Sleep Tracking

    The feature adds long-requested sleep tracking features which include wind down to create a personalized routine and get you to sleep. WatchOS 7 tracks sleep with some informed help from on-device learning and add feeds into the updated health app on a paired iPhone. There are various options which help to wake up via audio tones for a quieter and personal alarm.

    3) Maps

    In watchOS 7, maps can add elevation changes, and navigation prompts are large and easy to read complication. It is granular to tell about upcoming elevation changes while on the trip disruptions. It comes with a great app which suggests a trip yourself and advises you to walk the bike or take stairs to save time. You can also customize your trip to avoid elevation change or make the most direct route.

    4) Workouts

    Today, workouts are getting upgraded with time. The dance added to a total body workout. It can track the four most popular dance styles such as Bollywood, Latin, Hip-hop, and cardio dance. Now you would be wondering how, then the watch combines data from heart rate sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, and measure exertion while you move your legs and arms. Its records workout modes including functional strength, core training, and even cool downs when winding down your exercise sessions.

    5) Handwashing

    Few peers aren’t washing their hands enough, so for them, this app works great. watchOS 7 offers automatic handwashing detection, which uses machine learning and audio cues with measuring your washing time of 20 seconds. It gives a fun sound while ensuring you’re washing your hand for a longer time. Your washing hands data will store in an iPhone health app and will show the frequency of handwashing. The health app will provide information on the importance of handwashing for those who don’t have time to learn.

    6) Hearing

    In watchOS 6, there came a noisy app when they notify users, but now with watchOS 7, you can expand the app functionality with a pleasant sound. There are 80 decibels for 40 hours per week based on health organization which when exceeded, Apple watch will notify you. The health app will track how long you've been exposed to decibel level and based on that will control the hearing level. For privacy issues, Apple does not save any audio or recorded by the health app organization.

    7) Siri on-device

    With the help of watchOS 7, Apple now uses Siri to handle translation, use dictation through Apple Neural Engine. It can use the voice assistant to speak messages via the announcement message feature. Siri can translate to and from 10 different languages, including Spanish, English, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. It adds shortcuts in watchOS 7 which activates the device and adds complications with one-tap access.


    The new release watchOS 7 can be installed on Apple watch series 3, 4, 5, and more. It is not compatible with the original first-generation Apple Watch, series 1 and 2.

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    FAQ about watchOS 7

    • How to prepare your Apple watch for watchOS 7 public beta?

    Before downloading the watchOS 7 beta version, make sure you have watched with series 3,4,5 and more. As watchOS 7 isn’t compatible with series 1 and 2

    • How to downgrade your Apple Watch?

    Be sure that you want to upgrade your watch to watchOS 7. It’s because you cannot downgrade watchOS into the previous version. One your public beta version is installed you can’t go back and install the last version.

    • How can one upgrade from a watchOS beta to the official release?

    You need to delete the beta profile from your Apple watch and later download and install the official version whenever it is available. You need to walk through the process. If you have any other questions about watchOS 7, then you can visit the watchOS forums and get help from their moderators.

    Few glimpses of iWatch devices

    The first plus is the amazing APPEARANCE:

    • The Digital Crown has its incredible use for navigation, zooming, and getting back to the home screen. Next comes the device base- Made from alloys of Aluminium, Stainless Steel and 18 karats yellow and rose gold, the base has been created from comfort using this wearable computer. Later, is a variety of those classy bands: Leather or sport band with beautiful modern buckles and closures makes the iWatch even more convenient for use. Well, it was all about the style.

    The second and a bigger plus is the allowance for Third-Party Integration!

    • Apple is said to be distributing the SDK for iOS Apps developers. Companies are now targeting getting bigger by the passage of time and the arrival of newer and better technologies. Akin to the working of the iPhone, the iWatch will have only a few extra features of fitness sensors and NFC integration. So those already developing the iOS applications will be using the SDK and shall get going with the change of device yet a similar back end.

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    • An exception to these above-stated benefits, there is something else this attractive, helpful machine is providing. Tell me who would like lugging the phone everywhere, whether on the run or at a wedding dance? People would like putting it aside, and if they do, there are chances of missing the latest notification. Wearable as this may solve such problems and using the similar iOS application of health, the user can track his/her fitness or activities records, and can feel the tactile feedback of the notifications on the run.

    Wrapping up

    A widened scope, a better use: iWatch is undoubtedly going to lay its ground in the coming years of innovation, competition, and usefulness. One area of concern is the risks involved in using iWatch. It may cause a distraction while driving and may prove to be fatal. Apple must think about this increased danger of car accidents when using the product while driving.

    Aspirations do exist, but Apple has created an appealing fantasy of the wearable which it must meet or its sustenance in the market may rest at stake. However, Apple has always earned its trust, and we hope it does so in every context, even in the future.

    One of the biggest dependencies for this SmartWatch and the matter of the fact, Apple Watch doesn't have cellular connections, one can receive calls and messages if any iOS device is nearby or bound with.

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