Microsoft Represents OneNote with Strong Updates for Android, iOS & Desktops

    • November 18, 2015
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    Microsoft introduces variety of new attributes in an update to its highly utilized note-taking application called as “OneNote”. Microsoft has take a decision to make the OneNote application more agile and alive for the Android and iOS devices as well as PCs. The Application offers cross-platform usefulness that makes it appealing and valuable to the wide territory of users. Microsoft now showcases outstanding upgrades for numerous platforms to assist users to become more dynamic then ever.

    OneNote updates for Android Devices

    The OneNote application now floats over the screen of the Android gadgets in the similar manner face-book messenger appears on the Android Devices. The button is called as “OneNote Badge”. With the assistance of this button users can move anywhere they need on the screen of Android gadget and then tap it; so it can rapidly give access the user to take and save notes on OneNote.

    OneNote Badge is a shortcut which delivers rapid access for those who want to add notes very quickly when they perform other task on their devices. Users can also dispatch the Badge by accessing the notification bar and can likewise shut it by pulling it down.

    OneNote updates for iOS Devices

    OneNote Online and OneNote users for iOS can today onwards record Audio to their notes direct from the web and mobile applications. This ability of OneNote can be extremely useful for the students who need to record classes/lectures or the individuals who need to catch and record meetings.

    Microsoft also incorporates 3D touch support in the most recent iOS upgrade. If you have an iPhone 6s or 6s plus then you can enjoy 3D touch feature. Users need to press down on the icon of OneNote and a menu will pop up on the home screen which make a new note, photo note or recently accessed note more rapidly.

    OneNote updates for Windows desktop

    Microsoft delivers a brand new capability of embedded online Video to the OneNote application. With the brand-new online video button, individuals can insert their best-loved videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Office Mix instantly on the OneNote. This feature suits best to those who prefer to remember specific videos.

    Microsoft is doing preparation to integrate this feature into iOS, Mac, Android, OneNote Online and mobile apps for Windows 10 in the very near future. It will be helpful to teachers to contribute notes with the whole class along with the embedded video in notebook.

    OneNote updates for OneNote Online

    Today on-wards, users can attach a file in the online version of OneNote. It will be the best option for instructors as well as students and many other users also.

    This month of November, 2015 has proven a big month for the OneNote application. Its great that OneNote is becoming more universal with its updated features. This will improve the work-flow between devices and different computing environments and platform. All these updates and capabilities are aimed to make Microsoft OneNote application more document-saving tool universally. Microsoft is giving tough competition to everyone in the market with this updates.