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    Technology Boom to watch out for in Next Decade

    • January 4, 2021
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    Change is constant, whether it's personal or professional. There's no doubt that the coming decade will bring more excellent technological advancements in the market. Businesses are accelerating with combining technology and society. Some changes are global while some are at ground level. But all of them will have a significant impact on our businesses and the way we work. Few trends are predicted while few booms with time. Let's examine the business trends that are expected to acquire a massive market in the next decade.

    • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

    Today, AI is everywhere. From smartphones to cars and from home to banking establishments. We can call it's new normal where the world can't do without. AI increases the ability of machines to learn and act intelligently to transform the world. The technology creates security vulnerability using three perspectives: the protection of AI-powered systems, leveraging AI to enhance security, and anticipating the negative use of AI by attackers.

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    • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

    We can call AR VR twin technologies that let you experience virtually and work too close to reality. Today AR and VR both are used by businesses of all sizes and shapes. The technology is quite complicated and is opened for all startups to work and perform gaming and interactive marketing.

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    • IoT (Internet of Things)

    It's a buzzword that no longer remains a buzzword and has become a full-fledged technology ecosystem. IoT can connect with multiple devices and create a virtual network to work seamlessly. We can call IoT a giant network of connected devices to gather and share how they are used in the environments. We can make smart cities with IoT optimized in the traffic system, energy use, and inefficient waste management.

    • Big Data

    Previously, Big Data was referred to as a problem associated with processing and storing different data types. Some companies rely on big data analysis and gain tremendous insight into product research, customer, and marketing initiatives. But the surprise is yet to arrive. Hadoop and Spark are the two most famous frameworks used for solving Big Data issues.  

    • Blockchain

    It's a technology that powers bitcoins, the whole new parallel currency to overtake the world. Blockchain is a technology that has far-potential from healthcare to elections to real estate to law enforcement.

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    • Cognitive Cloud Computing

    It's an extended ecosystem of traditional Cloud and cognitive computing. Create cognitive computing applications and bring masses through cloud deployments. The technology converse in human language and help experts make better decisions by understanding the complexities of Big Data. Based on the study, the market size generated revenue of $13.8 billion by 2020.

    • DevOps

    One can explore the curriculum to master DevOps tools. It's not a technology but a methodology. It ensures both the development and operations hand-in-hand. It picturized an infinite loop representing the integration of developers and the operation team.

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    • Robotic Process Automation

    In any job, several tasks are repetitive. Therefore, with robotic process automation, it allows automating routine and their repetitive tasks. One doesn't need to write any code to automate repetitive tasks.

    • Angular and React

    React and Angular both are JavaScript-based frameworks used for creating modern web applications. Create a highly modular web app without making a lot of changes in your code. Add new features and complete a native mobile application with the same CSS, JS, and HTML knowledge. The best part of Angular and React is it comes with highly active community support.

    How Smart Cities, Smart Home, and Smart offices are on move-in future?

    Smart City

    Smart City Technology
    Smart City Technology

    A city consists of innovative ideas and adds a unique quality to life. Governments worldwide manage city infrastructure along with the emerging fame of IoT (Internet of Things), Beacon, and other location-based Wi-Fi services. These latest technologies help deliver a broad range of solutions, including Traffic monitoring and management, Safety of citizens, Networked parking solutions, Smart home & offices, Connected cars, etc.

    Real estate companies are benefited from these technologies as it helps them to build homes and offices smartly. Everything will be managed through smart devices on the go. An intelligent city adds sensors, huge information, and the internet. It's all about the general population, & not technology. Pioneers from public, academic, and different segments can cooperate to make urban areas smarter. Broadband with high speed, inventive local organizations, and an associated transport framework is only a portion of the things that makes a city more intelligent.

    What is a smart city all about?

    A city is equipped with necessary infrastructures like water, electricity, efficient public transport, robust IT connectivity, e-governance, and citizens' safety to give an excellent quality to life and elegant and feasible surroundings through a mobile app. To make a city smarter, we need to work on the problems that need to be solved, discover a leader who comes from the public sector, and Creates a vision that succeeded in bringing together communities, public/private sectors, volunteers, and business.

    What makes a smart office?

    The sensor technology powers workplaces with intelligence service by capturing data for smarter and intelligent management. Cloud-based platforms help in building, storing, and offering comprehensive computing for an appropriate decision. The web, smart devices, internet, and data, bring context, where people and organizations work in a stylish and savvy environment.

    Smart Home:

    Smart home technology
    Smart home technology

    Need to control your home from anywhere? It is what you all want to know about the smart home. In today's era of technology, smart homes integrate your family's way to live an intelligent life with the network that directs your TVs, security systems, and gadgets. At present individuals have numerous smart home technological platforms that can manage our homes without a single wire.

    Smart home technology continuously grows where families accept home automation systems into their homes. People now can control their homes with fingertips. Using an intelligent app, make sure that all the doors of your home are locked correctly. You can close a garage door from your workplace too. With just one app, utilize the convenience of managing your home-automation devices from anyplace.

    • Manage your media-center from your smart devices
    • Using an app to check if the doors are closed or not.
    • Change the color of the lights with just one click.
    • Preheat your oven to get an early start on dinner

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