How to decide perfect price for your Mobile App? In-App Purchase Analysis.

    • January 25, 2016
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    We all know that how typical is the whole procedure which starts from the development process and ends to the deployment process. But the real confusion or maybe we can say that real tough work starts when we want to decide a price for that app. As the whole app development process involves a lot of work to do and it becomes very difficult to come on a fixed price that will fulfill all the app development work. All the work that is related with the price deciding for an app is very important and depends on several factors.

    App developers work hard to give a proper design on the app and craft an incredible mobile application for people’s use. You have to think on various points when you are about to decide a price for the developed new brand app.

    Here is the description on different points that will help you to decide an app’s cost

    1. Cost-Oriented Technique:

    With the cost-oriented technique, the whole process of calculating the average amount will become easy. In this phase, first you will find an appropriate amount that is required for crafting your app, do the app’s promotion. After this, a customer will be clear with the amount of charge he needs to spend for developing an app and what approximate price he should charge to sell the app. In this manner, you will able to come on a point for making the right decision for the app’s price.

    2. Demand-Oriented Technique:

    The demand-oriented technique is the other way to finalize the cost of an app. In this technique, you have to search for different people & see how much they are willing to pay for the app. Using this technique, you will able to offer different price ranges for your app with some attractive offers for the user. By following this criterion, the whole process will become little easier to judge on the price app.

    3. Value-Oriented Technique:

    Value-Oriented Technique is beneficial for calculating the original cost for the mobile application. It focuses the major points which are calculated according to the user’s profit & which are right according to the app’s best features. If a user will find the app beneficial for him then definitely he will never think to spend even more for buying that app.

    4. Competitor-Oriented Technique:

    The competitor-oriented technique is used for deciding the app’s price by keeping their competitors price in the mind. This will help your app to get more downloads as when you will increase a little bit more price from your competitor’s price it will show that you are having unique & useful features in your app. Don’t go for increasing too much price for the app otherwise customers will never think to buy such mobile app. Just show the best features with the right price that will make your app’s impression best in the market.

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    Various points on which app developers works before declaring the price of a mobile application
    • By comparing their app with the other apps in the market.
    • Taking a look on the features that other apps have and finds whether their app has all the features or not.
    • Looks to find competitor’s app’s price and then compares it with their app.
    • Avoid high-range of app’s price & set price of an app lower or as compared to its functionalities to avoid the negligence from the audience.
    • They download and look other apps which fall in the same category.
    • Researching the full market of an app for coming to a conclusion regarding the price of the mobile application.
    • To participate in the app’s download competition, it requires making the best app with the reliable cost.
    • By seeing the graph of app’s download which shows a number of apps get downloaded.

    After the app development, they check the app’s features and finds whether any feature is missing or all are done.