5 Hottest Features for your E-Commerce Mobile Application!

    • January 24, 2017
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    Today, E-Commerce companies are more focusing on enhancing user experience on SmartPhones and mobile devices. The cutting-edge mobile technologies are providing better opportunities for e-commerce business owners to take their business to the next level.

    With mobile apps covering over 70% of the market, every single person whether a child, millennial group or old people all prefer shopping on their SmartPhones or tablets. Looking at this current scenario, mobile app development companies are trying hard to bring new and intuitive features in E-Commerce apps for enhancing the user experience.

    In a survey, it has been observed that over 50% of public uses their mobile devices for shopping purpose and that figure is going up with every day. Therefore, E-Commerce business owners have to launch their business on the mobile app for keeping their business up-to-date in the market.

    We all know that Mobile Apps are flooding in the App Store and competition is quite high. So introducing your app in a different and attractive manner is a tough task for business owners. For this reason, you have to hire an android app development company who will design such an app that will go for million downloads in a very short time.

    Here we are introducing 5 must have features for the E-Commerce mobile app

    1. App Customization

    E-Commerce business requires proper marketing planning and mobile apps play a vital role in this process. By providing customization in your app, you will increase the chances for getting more and more audience. As user always looks using such an app in which they can manage according to their requirements. A customer when downloads an app he/she looks for a flexible navigation and best user experience.

    By mobile app customization options, you can enhance the user experience and engagements of your E-Commerce Industry User-base. Also, this process will build strong relations with your existing customers.

    2. Hassle-Free Registration Procedure

    An E-Commerce app must have an uncomplicated registration process for keeping the user retention. At times it happens that keeping long registration forms makes user irritated and leave the app by uninstalling the app from their Mobile Phones.

    Keep simple and straightforward registration process and don’t opt for compulsory login in the app. At the starting point, the app must allow the user to navigate to the home page and other pages without any obstacle.

    E-Commerce Industry User-base
    3. Powerful On-Boarding

    It’s an old proverb “First impression is the last Impression” which applies same in the case of a mobile app. When a person installs an app, the first thing which keeps him connected is its user interface and seamless navigation.

    The on-boarding of the customer should be very attractive and convincing for holding a customer on the app. If the app will lack in delivering powerful impact on the user, ultimately it will lose user engagements and traffic. Such a feature is very important to include in the e-commerce app for getting huge user retentions.

    4. Multiple Options for Payment

    You E-Commerce app can lack at the point when someone has selected a product to buy from the app but didn’t find the payment option that he wants, this will directly deduct the percentage of sales.
    The shopping app must have all the payment options for providing great ease to users who wants to buy any products from your app. This feature is the most essential as well as most important one to include in all the e-commerce mobile applications.

    5. Push Notifications

    Push notification is the best way to create user awareness among all the customers. It helps e-commerce business owners to get more and more audience on their mobile app. Push notifications help people to know about the latest sale, discounts, and launching of new products on the shopping site. This feature is used for boosting sales and increasing user retention. The developers are trying to integrate the app with the Google Analytics and interesting results.

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